Call to Action: Open Letter to tenants of the Loom

I was actively looking forward to joining your ranks and working with you, offering ways to benefit from my being there and using the  professional and artistic services you all offer. I came and personally introduced myself to many of you, and discussed some exciting possibilities.

You may have heard about the Looms decision to reject our lease after accepting 3 months rent + security because of the subject matter of some of our work and clientelle affiliation with glbt and sexuality being a violation of the owners religious beliefs. I was surprised also because of the nature and content of Gnostic,  Silky’s, the occult programming in Kave space and the affiliation Tomahawk has with the fetish and porn community, where one of my own staff now works part time.

The response of the owners was appalling. I couldn’t believe what they said. Recently,  I’ve discovered that they receive public funding making their discrimination policy that much worse. I am in touch with city council and several newspapers have scheduled interviews with me.

There has been huge community backlash against the loom already, but I’m hoping b that residents like yourself will be equally outraged and will let the management know they do not agree with their policy, that we do in fact fit in and they wanted us there, and regardless of whether they change their mind I hope this puts pressure on them.  I can’t believe this bigotry could win. Please, let them know the reality of your business and that it is not Ok.

We work with major clients,  from Vogue to Beyoncé to Broadway. WE BRING IN many clients weekly already, from all over the world and would have promoted the space eagerly. It’s atrocious that our affiliation with glbtq should disqualify us for religious reasons.

The concern I have is that businesses like yours will be harmed in this process and I believe by speaking out you set the record straight and can make real change.

So please, let the owners and management know you won’t be complicit in their hate and be vocal so that the community knows you don’t share the views of the management.

412 901 1216

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on July 13, 2013.

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