Courses Offered



Latex Classes: click here

Kinky Craft Classes: click here

Bondage Classes: click here

Gender Play Classes: click here

Sacred Sexuality Classes: click here

All Experience Levels:

Bondage for the Differently-Abled

DIY Rope Treatment

Fibers: Knit, Lace Tatting, Crochet, Macrame and Play!

Latex Clothing: Repair and Care

Latex Clothing: Applique, Ruffles and Bows Oh My!

Latex Clothing: Zippers and Fasteners

Latex Clothing: Booty Short Boot Camp

Latex Clothing: Basic Accessories

Latex: Cleaning, Restoring, and Care

Recycled Rubber: Wallets and Clutches

Latex Clothing: Making (Shorts, Thong, or Mask)

Intro to Kinky Crafts

Cock-Sucking and Deep Throating

Life Casting

Self Bondage

Basic Rope Bondage

Stretching for Bondage

Dancing With Rope

Gender transformation 1

Transformation Make-Up: From Office Eyes to Exotic Eyes

201 Level Classes:

Chest and Hip Harnesses


Self Suspension

Channeling the Deep: Self Bondage for Meditation, and Ritual Work

Mummification and Immobilization

Mummification: The Bound Body Altar

Sacred Sex and Sacred Whoredom (workshop)

Rope Dance for Magickal and Ritual Use

Latex Clothing: Patterning for a Better Fit

Latex Clothing: Skirts

Latex Clothing: Cod pieces and Men’s underwear

Latex Clothing: Creative Accessories

Recycled Rubber: Cuffs

Recycled Rubber: Restraints and Collars

Sex Magick 1: God/dess work, path finding, and Intro to Partnered work

Sacred Whore/Temple Priest/ess– also includes guardian work (weekend intensive)

Gender transformation  2

Special FX Make up

301 Level Classes:

Advanced Suspension

Human Trapeze and Marionettes

Rope Bondage for Genitorture and Forced Orgasm

Rope Bondage for Sex

Mummification and Immobilization ALT (Life-casting, Plaster, Rubber & more!)

Sex Magick 2: Invokation and Evokation, Scripting

Latex Clothing: Bra Boot Camp

Latex Clothing: Pattern Making

Latex Clothing: Advanced Garments

Latex Clothing: Jewelry Making

Recycled Rubber: Harnesses

Recycled Rubber: Waist Cinchers


Rope Identity

Straight Grrrls

Negotiating a Scene

Erotism: Sexual Religion

Erotic Art

Transitions and Definitions: Navigating Sexual Personae

Visual Culture- Erotic and Pornographic Image

Paraphilias and other Alternative Sexual Psychologies

Public and Intellectual Property (for the Arts)

Marketing Yourself 1: Branding and Social Media

Flesh Pulling, Surface Piercing, and Needle Training 101

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