Class Descriptions: Sacred Sexuality

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  • Channeling the Deep: Self Bondage for Meditation, and Ritual Work (201)

Bondage is an excellent tool for magickal and ritual use. But what about when there isnt anyone else around….or you don’t want there to be anyone else involved? Whether alone, or working with the self as part of a group ritual self bondage can be used for grounding, to stir the firey passion within yourself, or to continue your Work at home to take that fire back with you. Magick begins with the magician, and together we can develop the ways for you to ride your ecstasy anytime, any place and make it adaptable to any ritual space.

  • Erotism: Sexual Religion (Discussion, All Experience Levels)

There are many religious and occult systems that incorporate sex, sex magick and sexual servitude as devotion. Starting with the thesis of Georges Bataille which places the erotic drive and the fire it produces within the framework of religious devotion we will discuss different systems from Kabbalah, Vodou, Gnosticism and beyond while exploring ways to develop your place within the powerful current of sexual magick.

  • Sacred Sex and Sacred Whoredom (201/301)

This is an introduction to Sex Work for spiritual purposes. The different roles of ritual sex work, Guardians, Priests and Priestesses and God/Goddess invokation and evokation will be explained and explored. Using a cross-pantheonistic approach, ritual space and ritual tools will be set up and charged while considering the physical, emotional and spiritual safety concerns of opening yourself up to the fire. This class will prepare you to either begin your journey of sacred sex work and how to make the most of participating in group sexual ritual.

[There is also a weekend intensive I designed with Lee Harrington, click here: Opening Wide]

  • Rope Dance for Magickal and Ritual Use (201)

Stir up the energy in your bondage with movement! Dance is a key component of many magickal and ritual practices and so is bondage– so why not learn how to combine them! Whether dancing around a bonfire, a drum circle or in your own home, this class will cover new dynamic techniques to amplify your play and your power all within the context of your ritual space! By eliminating the need for “out of scene” “pre and post ritual” set up or break down, Rope dance allows you to hit the ground running and ensure a pleasant take off and landing for solo, couple and group application.

  • Mummification: The Bound Body Altar (201)

When the body is bound all of its energy is wrapped up in itself- every thought, twitch and muscle movement feeds back into the wrappings preserving it, sometimes for thousands of years. By using a mummy as an altar, this battery can become an energy generator to charge and broadcast magickal intent, as well as imbuing the mummy with incomparable bliss and power to carry the Work far beyond the time of the ritual. The history of magickal mummification will be discussed as the techniques of mummification and immobilization will be demonstrated, with hands on opportunities.

descriptions coming soon for:

Sex Magick 1: God/dess work, path finding, and Intro to Partnered work

Sex Magick 2: Invokation and Evokation, Scripting

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on July 15, 2009.

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