I am happy to do extra promotion and on site assistance at no extra cost.

  • Workshops, Demos, Seminars and Lectures

Non-Profits: Travel* and Accommodation*; Comps for myself and a guest

Free Events: Travel and Accommodation

Per 90 min Class: $90 min or 65% + Travel and Accommodation

Regional/National Events and Panels*: Travel, Accommodation, Meals, A comp for myself and an assistant, NSCF literature table

Private Classes (1-5 students): $150 1.5 hours, $250 3 hours, $650 Weekend Intensive ( 4 2-hour classes +Q&A and discussion)

  • Rigging, Directing, Make Up and Costuming

2 hour minimum for shoots; $25/hr travel + expenses, on shoot meals and coffee

Rigging: Edited images/video (for port),$75/hr, Full day $300

Make Up- Edited images/video (for port) $35/hr face, $50 face and hair/wig, $75 full body; SFX $50/hr, full body $100/hr; CDTV Transformation $100/hr

Directing: Edited images/video (for port) Still $50/hr, Video $75/hr

Costuming: edited images/video (for port), dressing and wardrobe $25/hr; stitching and altering $40/hr; Patterning, piecing and draping $65/hr; Custom costume design $varies  [for LATEX additional rates, avg. $5+ than standard + expenses)

  • Art, PR, Design and Curatorial

PR, Publicity and Promotion: 25% plus copies and comps and/or $25/hr

Art and Publishing Consulting: Travel and Accommodation, $50/hr

Art Sales: 25% + expenses

Curatorial: Portfolio Consultations $50; Portfolio Assistance (to prepare for market or application) $100; Writing/Analysis $35/hr; Wall or Label Text $25/hr; Press Releases $50; Studio visits travel $25/hr + accommodations fee $75

Design: Flyer/Poster $100 +printing, Photo Editing $35/hr, Exhibit Graphics $35/hr

Exhibitions (all the above): $50/hr OR $250 for 2 week shows, $600 for 1 month shows, $2000 for 6 month shows; Catalogs $250 and up

*Travel: I fly American Airlines.  For trips under 4 hours my preferred form of travel is train, but I am always happy to find and take the cheapest form of travel available, including seeking free rides.

** Accommodations: I need nothing fancy, and I am happy to share a room or stay in a private residence, so long as I too get privacy.

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