Allie G and Klawdya

Allie G Shoe Discipline

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4 Responses to “Video”

  1. its an experiance thats either really exhilirateing cause others are watching or really boring. you get to eb a voyuer and an exhibitionist without leaving your home. Or so ive been told

  2. I really like it and you. I was very turned on, and had a lovely caress of my stiff cock while I watched. I love your mouth. Full sensual lips, sharp teeth, and that bead in your tongue. I can imagine feeling it against my stiff prick. Up at the top, on that wickedly sensitive bit just below the glans. Mmmmm!

    I also imagine the feel of your net tights on your pussy as you press your fingers in.

    Your climax was nice – long and surprisingly gentle. I don’t think you had finished when the vid camme to and end.

    Anyway, thanks.

    Oh, if iwere SPOILING you, I would sent you: Ruthless Sexy knee high boots; Ardyse slimming corset; Hustler red mini; Doc Johnson i-vibe Rabbit, and G-spot tickler; Organza perfume; The Tears of Eros; Lingeria – A Lexicon of Style; and Wolford Magid thigh highs.

    Rob XX

  3. I played it again. This time I took my clothes off, and sat back in the chair with my legs apart, so that I could have easy access to my cock and balls, and my perineum, which is deliciously sensitive. My nipples, too, are real turn-ons. I really need four hands – well, three anyway.

    Like you, I started slowly and gently, and I loved your sensual exhaling of breath. My fingers were stroking gently up my cock-shaft.

    I loved the view from the top, looking down on your drooping eyelids and your lower lip. Then the switch to your hand on your breast, and parting your thighs. Lovely.

    This is where you started to make little incoherent noises in your throat. My right hand is brushing to and fro, to and fro, across my nipples. Gorgeous! My left is caressing my balls and the root of my cock.

    There is a wonderful passage, showing only the lower part of your face, your mouth wide in pleasure and longing. This arouses longings in me, to feel my cock, long and thick, in your mouth. Yessss!

    At this juncture the vid became unavailable.

    Is the thought of sucking my cock too much for you?


  4. Part 2. The vid is back again. As the noises in your throat become more urgent, I long to join your own fingers in your sweet puss. To enjoy is warmth, all wet and silky. To tease the tip of your clit. To throb in your cleft. I love it that you are shaved and smooth.

    I am also making noises, in response to yours, as my cock pleasure instensifies.

    Once more I am looking down on you as your cries rise higher and become more prolonged. I lovee it.

    And then you reach a high plateau. It is so generous of you to show your full face as you are fulfilled. Your cries, too, are unguarded and yielding.

    All I needed for a prolonged ecstacy of my own, with my cum jetting right up to my neck.

    Thank you.

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