Class Descriptions: Gender Play

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  • Gender Transformation 101:

Oh the joys of cosmetics!  From contour shading to bring out the cheek bones of eager grrrls and to recede the brow line of butchiful bois this class covers the basic make up, hair, wig and skin care needs for the burgeoning gender blender!  The spectrum from passability to drag is explored through fun and creative solutions to individual problems like concealing 5 O’clock shadow and wrapping, covering and removing natural hair.  Come with what you have and try on the tools of the trade.  No experience necessary.

  • Gender Transformation 201:

Folding it, sucking it in, pushing it out and looking fabulous!  Whether you are a biomale, biofemale, TG or ready for play and stage this class will give you the extra genderblending edge to wax your fruit! Heels, corsets, special fx needs, binding, tucking, padding and more will be covered along with a review of the good, bad and ugly products and uses of traditional gender play accesories.  For the more experienced gender blender, this class helps spin those tassles, flatten those pex, and leaves you ready to practice in your home and public use.

  • Special FX Make Up (201/301)

This class will cover the basics of special needs make up applications, including but not limited to: facial hair application, 5’oclock shadow and facial hair masking, drag queen and extreme colour shading, prosthetic attachment (like vampire teeth, or a 3rd nipple!), wounds, the Undead and an introduction to making prosthetics. Come with a special costume in mind or just take it all in! Q and A if time permits.

  • From Office Eyes to Exotic Eyes (101)

Designed for CDTV and recently transitioned, but accessible to woman and more this class covers the variety of techniques used to create your perfect look.  The eyes are the most fun and versatile make up canvas, and can either be a sore slutty thumb in the office or a drab boring wallflower at the ball!  Learn how to contour and shade to your eye shape, accentuate eye colour, and dress for the occaision.  Cat eye, liquid, gel, and opening methods will be explored in neutral and vibrant palettes alike!

  • Straight Grrls (101)

Dressing does not indicate sexual orientation!  By popular demand this class was designed for Crossdressers, Transvestites and Tranny Grrls and Bois facing difficulties with their sexual identity in a gender queer culture.  Although identifying transvestism and beyond as a sexual fetish may include engaging otherwise unexplored homosexual desires, many CDTVs Trans and GQs find identifying sexually heterosexual or newly homosexual confusing, challenging or frustrating!  This class will create a safe environment to discuss the joys of being and finding CDTVTG lovers, and other like minded CDTVTG’ers.  Learn to accept your choices and find the community who loves and supports you!  Open to all who identify as gender queer and those who love them!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 6, 2008.

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