Sacred Sexuality Beltane

Opening Wide
Finding and Exploring Your Path of Temple Whoredom and
Sacred Sexual Service

with Lee Harrington and Klawdya Rothschild

Have you ever felt called to work as one of the Ladies of the Red Tent? Has a specific deity asked you to become their conduit on this plane through erotic service? Does your sexuality compel you to call upon powers of universal will? Have you longed to invoke powers large and small, and wondered if your sensuality might be a tool for that invocation work?

Then open wide to those truths, and work with us to explore and find your path.

Whether working with:
• Goetic or Kabbalistic systems where the magician is in power, captures and commands spirits through bindings and other work
• Voudon and Greek work where reverence is made by worshippers to the divine through offerings of their sexual self and related tokens or connection with a mouthpiece
• Feri and Reclaiming practitioners connecting to their God-Self to align their souls path
• Godslaves of many paths called to serve daily or at the moment to moment whim of their Patron in their spiritual work

• or more – sacred sexual service is a path as old as spirituality itself.

Though celibacy is a path of sacred sex, this intensive will dive into those called to do work auto erotically, in partnership, for small groups and coven work, or for large group or universal access for any of the above systems. After discussing the history of erotic temple work, as a group we will discuss such issues as:
• The ethics of sacred sex
• Who are we serving, both worldly and otherworldly?
• How do we keep ourselves safe?
• How do we train good ground crew and assistants?
• When are we at work?
• The line between god role play and god invocation

Three different types of participants are encouraged to attend this 2 day intensive that will have follow-up times throughout the rest of the weekend:

Vessels/Hosts : Whether you are a Priest/ess that Draws Down the Moon for sacred sex work, a Horse whose deity demands sexual interaction or sexual offerings, a Ceremonial Magi doing 9th or 11th degree working, or are in any other way called or have already been used as a vessel for hosting energy or deity that crosses over into sexual working, the Vessel/Host option is encouraged. Vessels/Hosts will be required during the intensive
to do meditation and invocation work, and may include active sexual practice of some sort that calls them in an intimate group setting, whether it is partnered work with a Priest/ess you came with, or with yourself, or something else. Vessels are encouraged to bring a Priest/ess or Gaurdian with them, but it is not required.

Magi/Priest/ess : Though many of the Vessels/Hosts are also Magi or Preist/esses, Magi participants are called to be here either as the energetic hosting equivalent of a lamas coach for spirit possession, or because they currently serve in a coven or group that does temple whore work but they themselves do not engage directly with energetic forces. If you are a non-embodying whore, scribe for sexual messengers, or in general
desire to assist others in drawing down, this path is for you.
Priest/esses are required during this intensive to do what it takes to help the Vessel they are working with, and what the forces you work with require, and is not to be undertaken lightly. Priest/esses coming without a Vessel will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Guardian : The temple eunuch is as old of a tradition as the temple whore. Serving as guardian at the gate, servant to the house, warrior in direct service to the embodied God/dess of the space this role is deeply important for both Vessels and Priest/esses doing work- you are their support staff, their stage managers. Guardians are required during this intensive to be comfortable in a sexual space, have it not be about them, and be able to assist both the Vessels and the Priest/esses they came with as well as the intensive coordinators. Guardians must have or learn/be trained in skills in grounding and shielding, and be able to have a great deal of self knowledge and communication skills for drawing limits around what they can and can not offer. Guardians coming without a Vessel will be
accepted on a case by case basis.

This Class will include live demonstrations of sex acts, magickal
invocation, evocation, guided meditation, and intense energy work. All participants must be comfortable around nude and/or sexually active individuals, and depending on your role (see above) be comfortable in engaging in these behaviors in front of the rest of the participants and be willing to do group guided meditation journeying.

Please bring:
• A yoga mat or other item to sit or lay on (folding chairs and mattresses will be available, but if expecting to use these to be on, please bring sheets)
• Water bottles for staying hydrated
• Any props that you use during your sacred whoredom work that you are called to bring with you (fabric hangings, crystals, icons, wardrobe, offerings, Sex toys etc)
• Safer sex and lube supplies you are called to bring if expecting that partnered work might take place or if you need these tools for other reasons
•An open mind and excitement towards self discovery as well as the self discoveries of others.

Lee Harrington is an eclectic artist, spiritual and erotic educator,
gender radical and award winning published author on human sexuality and spiritual experience. He has been an active part of the international kink and sex positive communities for over 13 years, and his stories make people laugh while showing you that eroticism can be as serious, sexy, or silly as you make it. Serving as a spiritual guide as well, Lee?s eclectic paganism is heavily rooted in his upbringing as the daughter of an Irish Catholic and a Goddess Worshiping Lutheran, as well as his
studies of Street Magic, Feri, Ceremonial Magick, Huna, and other paths. He has been part of CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans), GoddesSMack (a pagan dyke SM circle in Portland, OR), serves as a Priest for Temple of Atonement (Atoning and Educating Burning Man and the World), and actively incorporates bondage and other forms of BDSM and fiber magic into his spiritual workings as a shaman in service to Bear. To learn more about Lee visit

Klawdya Rothschild is an independent curator, artist, Alternative Sexuality and Spirituality educator, Kink Rights Advocate, and Occultist. Klawdya’s academic background is in Social and Evolutionary Psychology, Fiber Arts, and Curating. In 2008 she was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom(NCSF) and she has participated in the BDSM/Fetish and Occulture Communities for over a decade. She has worked as a professional Dominatrix, a model and performer, a Spiritual Healer, a Temple Whore and always a mixed-media artist. As founder of the Property Project, an international artist community, she created the Synchronetic Tarot, documenting sex, magick and fetish in ecstatic, public and private rituals. Her magickal background includes Voudon (patroness Pomba Gira), Gnosticism, Goetic Evokation, service to and as the Whore Babylon, TOPY, Hermetic and Ritual Magick, and has an active research interest in mystical synchretism. She is the founder of the Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival, a recipient of the Annie Sprinkle Aphrodite Award for Sexual Service to the Community and presents at many national events and conferences. Klawdya Rothschild hopes to
broaden the scope of alternative practices by educating non-alternative communities and to foster a sense of community within and between alternative groups.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 10, 2008.

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