Sex with Spirits? (write in question)

A ‘man’ I’ll call “God’s Chief Saviour” wrote to me:

I enjoyed reading your blog on wordpress. I was just wondering if you have ever had any experiences with having erotic encounters with spirits?


So this question prompts me to break this down into subcategories.

I am in fact teaching a class on this very subject: OPENING WIDE @ Free Spirit Alliance’s Beltane

1.  I  hope it is ok that I repost this …if you have a BIG problem let me know.

2. Incubus/Succubus
Yes and no.  Aside from the normal sexual dreams, I have at times had what I would consider tangible-type lucid dreams that result in physical and sleep-disturbing orgasm. This is definitely what I would in a magickal setting refer to as an Incubus.  However, when I refer to Incubi/Succubi personally, I do not mean that I think a physical being, or literal manifestation of a spirit/demon entered my room while I slept and entered my body through my vagina.

-What I do think is that:  I am drawing energy to me, that is reaching me in a more receptive state.
-Someone (probably someone with an already strongly established connection to me) is sending me energy, fantasizing about me, or also experiencing this same sexual impulse.
-Muscle spasms are releasing tension in my body as the blood, and electric impulses in my neurons synapse, which is a proven medical occurrence during sleep……much like the famed “falling down” dreams that result in sudden wake up or leg cramps.

3. Invokation.
Yes.  I definitely have had experiences as a priestess to spirit, deity, and other energetic body that enters my body, and taking possession of me has sex to fulfill the urge of this archetype.
Now again, my obligatory statement for the sake of my own sanity, do I truly believe that some external force, something beyond me is taking me over and I surrender all consciousness and control-No.  And Fuck no.  The most accurate way that I can describe this is that by “drawing down” I am really drawing out from myself this aspect, this facet of my being- in this case a sexual one- and connecting that with the universal, collective experience of that same occurrence, urge, or component of human nature.  And tapping into the universal collective sexual drive of humanity/earth/carbon-based life forms is probably the most intense, and most SPIRITUAL experience anyone can have….it is life force going through, synchronizing your heartbeat, breath, and equilibrium to the pulse of the world.  (Ok, even I can set off the Woo-dar)

4. Evokation.
Yes.   I have summoned these forces, named and no, with which to personally experience them sexually (or otherwise)  or to drop that ‘force’ into my local neighbourhood Luke-of-the-week.

5.The combination, the sex magick, Ov, Thee Great Work…….etc
Nuit and Hadit
mutual invokation, or invoked with evoked doing the work of union, or accessing thee holy guardian angel of another while they encounter you etc etc etc
this is the stuff I would hope you were asking me about…and to this the answer is YES, and its a 9th degree secret;)  That is unless of course you ask me more specific questions, and then Id be more than happy to answer them.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sex with Spirits? (write in question)”

  1. How enlightened! Are you available/interested for private instruction? My wife and I have long been interested in this work, and feel it connects with our other spiritual and sexual adventures.

  2. Why sure! Ive always enjoyed doing more intimate work, in some ways its more challenging and in other ways I find that you have the ability to go deeper than otherwise.

    Please contactme directly

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