My ropiness….notes and thoughts

Rope Rope Rope Rope.

I love rope and that should go without saying but actually my relationship to rope keeps changing.

I think rope first entered my life because I thought it was amazing and beautiful what could be done with it.  I saw photos and demos and that with my lay-over sailing love I was sold.

Then it was practical, bc it was a way for me to fly myself and others around on stage. Sometimes I would convert the body into something, like a rose sculpture or furniture using the rope to bend and fix the body into place…it was rarely ever sexual.

Over the years my relationship to rope became more and more sensual, things like choosing hemp for is roughness and smell instead of the beautiful and hair-and-outfit matching flashy colours of MFP. From that sensual experience developed an intimacy, an acknowledgment of rope in my hands as an extension of my body; my thought manifested and tangible.

I was dedicated to the discipline of tying, wrapping, binding and understanding how line conforms to the body, and to the surface both in bondage and in fiber arts….while it was always around me, I never sought to combine the rope and my sex life.

I LOVE LOVE the feeling of being bound, but even this discovery took me a long time to investigate let alone declare.  I love the rope burn, the bruises, settling into positions you thought you couldnt bear only to find out that one hour in position was too little.

Rope, and Bondage….and sex?  Isnt that like paying attention to too many things at once?  Wont they get in the way?  I mean my body’s neural pathways are a limited resource……

And then I learned to let go.  Actually first I learned to self tie, then I learned to let go.  Through the self tying I really discovered what I did and didnt like in rope, and how hard I could push myself.  Before that I knew how to gauge other people, and how to push them….I had never released control.  And really I am only beginning to give up control now.

Its unbelievably liberating to just surrender.  Surrender to the rope.  Relax your muscles, and throw your mind away.  When I became truly comfortable with my life in bondage- a point to where I am sure no one can ever make me doubt or question it again-  here enters the mind blowing gut wrenching ropegasms.  The key to most orgasms is literally relaxing the muscles, and for some of us like me, relaxing is close to impossible.  I think the rope actually gives my body something else to tense against, allowing the muscles elsewhere to let the blood through?  Who knows- its works!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 7, 2008.

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