The things I want and like

So I often get asked what flips my switch(es)

The tried and true:

Rape Fantasy- Me the victim.

I like and dislike strong aggressive relentless displays of sexual prowess.  Sometimes I think that if presented with strong enough sexual urgency and persistence that I am not actually capable of saying no, or doing anything to stop it.  This paralysis, this ambivalence torn between options is really potent for me.  Anything that makes me stop in my tracks, grnds me to a halt, literally has the ability to take me over.  Abduction=bonus.  Military= Double word score and Nazi play= triple word score.

Crossdressing- Me the stylist.

There is something just too sexy about a man stretching out my tight slutty clothing, popping out of my panties or even being a virile mirror image of me.  This makes me wet.  If I sit on yor lap while you are wearing my panties perhaps my wetness becomes your pussy juice and your dick is my dick when I ride on top of you.  Hot.  Yes, its true.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 7, 2008.

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