Medical Transformation- a green eyed fantasy

She walks into the hotel room, wheeling a large suitcase behind her. Under a long winter coat which she promptly removes, is a latex nurse’s dress, which shines like a pearl removed from an oyster. With ease she lifts the suitcase, places it on one of the twin beds and begins to set up her operating room. Her tools are set up and sorted in perfect order, case after case of sterile pre-packaged steel. She also sets up a surgical tray, IV stand, and heart monitor.

Grabbing a chair, she sits herself down with a clipboard, and begins the diagnostic while pinning her hair up and adjusting her hat. She removes a pen from her cleavage and writes down his medical history, and the nature of the appointment.

Patient Grrrl has been struggling her entire life with her cock and balls, and lives daily with the shame of having a flat chest, and the denial of being fucked like a woman. What a shame.

“Let Me give you something for the pain” and she reaches into her creams, ointments and various salves to acquire a numbing gel. She strips the patient’s clothes off, and places the patient in a paper gown. Spreading this gel all over her cock and balls, and breast area, she also uses antibiotic skin prep to clean the areas to ready them for the procedure.

She takes OR sheets and covers the bed, pillows, surgical tray and surrounding equipment area. After making him comfortable on the operating table/bed, she disappears into the bathroom to wash her hands, put on her gloves, and put on her mask. She returns with sani-towels and a steel bowl of antiseptic solution in water that she places on the nightstand.

Taking out an aray of piercing needles, 18 gauge, she pierces and puts small rings into the skin of the penis around the dydoe, which is now thoroughly numb, and using surgical thread strings it into a tucked, out of the way position. Once secured, it will not move, nor have any stress placed on it. She disposes of the needles and continues.

She takes out the saline from inside her medical kit, and sets up 2 IV drips. Taking 2 IVstarters, she inserts one into each side of her chest, and the inflation begins. Once the IV is well under way, she takes the heart monitor and clips it to the patient’s finger. In no time, the look on the face of the patient shows the excitement of watching the bosom forming in her chest. In no time, the patient’s breasts are full and round.

Nurse Klawdya Removed the IV, and dresses the puncture. Keeping the heart monitor in check, she removes her gloves, and slips her hand into her own dress, unsnapping every snap, and running her hand down her stomach. Beneath her dress, she has matching latex white with red cross bra and panties….but wait, there’s a bulge!

Continuing to run her hand down, she slips her hand into her panties, and pulls out her Feeldoe, her harness-less seamless shaft at attention. She stands there, admiring the patient, and stroking her silicone phallus. Taking her finger, she dabs at her lips and uses the lipstick on her finger to smear the lips of the patient red.

“arent you a beautiful woman, its time for Me to make you feel like one.”

Nurse Klawdya snaps on two more gloves, and covers the fingers of her right hands with surgical lubricant. She carresses the cunt-ass of the patient with the lubricant, teasing her with the most minor of insertions. Taking a more generous amount of the lubricant, she takes the patient’s hand and makes her spread it gingerly over her warm silicone cock. Barely able to contain her excitement the patient’s eager hand guides the Nurse’s cock to its mark, and with a happy thrust, to the hilt, the Nurse has taken our lovely patient’s virginity.

Making full use of these new fresh breasts, Nurse Klawdya pinches the patient’s nipples, while girating with her cock inside her pretty girl. All the excitement of the day comes to a climax, and the patient is spent, the Nurse not far behind.

Taking a minute to clean and put her things away, she notices the beauty of her naked patient…..

“wouldnt want those gorgeous tits to go to waste”
She reaches into her bag, and pulls out matching tight black latex dresses, does Grrl’s makeup and fixes her own, leads her by the hand and takes her out to Harvard Square for a night on the town.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 8, 2008.

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