Bondage Advice for a former student

Below is the copy of some questions from a student and some answers.  This student attended my Rope Bondage Basics and Everything You Want to Know about Rope class at Passional in Philadelphia.

– i have a hard time with manipulating the ropes when they are behind me.   any tips or techniques to help me with keeping the bulk down to a minimum and tension steady?

Self Bondage Techniques.

1. I would say tie in front and turn around before securing in place, or reinforcing.  What I showed you was a basic hip harness , which was a standard one column tie above the hip and below the waist connected to the one below the buttocksThis can be tied in front or in back, and can be turned around before converting into a 2-column, or linking it to other things such as a cuff or chest harness.

2. Your mouth/teeth, your bed post, your body weight and previous ties can all be used to temporarily anchor off of to maintain tension.  While you are adjusting one thing, such as whether your harness should face front or back, bite onto the working end to keep the tension, thus being able to use both hands (PLEASE check and recheck rope for cleanliness and loose particles as I mentioned in class).

3. Bulk is the enemy of comfort in some cases, but certainly leaves great marks.  Please be cautious of bulk on the spine and the sternum, or small dynamic joints such as wrists and knees.  If you want to reduce bulk, use a double twist instead of a knot, and pull the rope in the opposite direction of the tension (similarly applied with the Lark’s head or Cow’s Hitch).  Wraps and twists use friction instead of knotting to hold in place.  Anything weight bearing needs to be triple reinforced!

Also do you know of any male doms that are looking to show someone how being a male dom works? professionally or otherwise?

Ok, this one is really subjective.  You want to be a dominant?  You think you are dominant and want to know how better to dominate?  What kind of D/s are you into?  Id love to recommend people, but most specialize and have a very particular flavor and style.Here are some names:
-John Warren, author of The Loving Dominant, also offers a class at Power Play Academy which is online and you can take classes anytime.
-Christina Abernathy (I know you said men but…)  her book

Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual is probably a good start for this info, although its from a very Victorian and traditional standpoint, is one of my all time faves.

-Master Larry
of MAsT Metro NY is also one I would recommend for you, and is close by in Jersey.

do you know of any karada harness variations that are not thong like in the back but still have that look and feel? if that makes sense.

You do not need to do through the legs at all with the Karada.  You can go down both of the legs, or one leg and thus avoid the g-string crotch rope phenom.  Incidentally, the practice of Karada tying typically uses strategically placed knots for the purpose of stimulation, such as a knot over the anus or perineum, from there you can split the ropes around the genitals (remember together for girl bits and apart for boy bits part of class) and not on the front of the pubic bone to keep in place- which can also be fun 😉

how should i approach the knot tying so that it’s more then just a harnesss that can support my weight? so that it becomes something that when worn for a long time leaves marks and becomes a restrianing device but doesn’t become bulky and noticeable under the clothing.  I wear these for over 12 hours when they are put on me….

Ok.  Not all weight bearing ties are harnesses, and not all harnesses are weight bearing.  I am not going to talk you through suspension here…but…that said, one column ties with additional wraps and reinforcings knots and wraps are suspendable.  Karada’s are frequently worn under clothing, and you can change karadas to have more shape and more wraps.  Here is a good example (called Kikkou bc of the hexagon) this one gives great marks.  Something I want to urge you to do is to use several one column ties or several short-length ties when wearing these for that long of a duration.  BC you need to be able to adjust, remove etc one and not the other blah blah so, Id say several  1 column ties that never have more than 4 lays (2 wraps) and then just adding and adding to suit your desire.
I hope this helps!


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