Feminzation- some types and thoughts

Some old thoughts about Feminization back from when I was a Pro Domme:

1) Forced Femme as Humiliation “Sissification” (aka Madame’s puny little sissy)- the main notion here is that the subject (victim) at play is unworthy as a man and therefore he must be ridiculed and chastised for his lack of masculinity or inability to please etc. (in most cases for merely being a submissive) by being forced to wear maid’s outfits and scrub floors with a toothbrush, or their tongue, oversized granny panties, hobble skirts, or prohibitively high heels…and then further mocked for the difficulties these things present them. These people tend to have only mild curiosity about transvestism, such that they would not do so except under “duress” and not alone for their own sake unless there was the possibility of being caught or they were under orders. Prime candidates of course are those who expressed some aversion to the notion, if humiliation is the key.

AN ASIDE: Those who this practice works best on, in my experience tended to have some alleged childhood experience with an aunt’s, or female guardian’s underwear playing a role in punishment at one point or another.

2)Forced Femme as Discipline “Transformation” (aka Madame’s Lady in Waiting, or Madame’s little girl, or Madame’s little slut.) In all of these the object is to build up to a complete CD/TV transformation. The idea is that you are training this person to be as passibly female as imaginable and/or to serve as a female. Public outings or the eventual inclusion of third party participants while the subject (victim) is in “drag” or “dressed” so-to-speak is almost always the point, but unlike with humiliation is meant to be the reward for successfully learned behaviours and being “pretty”. Typical outings are shopping trips for clothing and shoes, day spa/pedicure manicure, or for example a sex club where a slut gets passed around for blow job duty etc etc. Long term play with Ladies in Waiting for example, can result in that “girl’s” responsibilities being daily upkeep of their Mistress’s hair, make up etc etc.  Sluts get fucked, and little girl’s get taught how to grow up and be a proper lady, or be trained as a CD/TV Domina.

3) Forced Femme as Fantasy “Role Play” (aka Madame’s Doppelganger or Madame’s Mirror Image) I especially like this one, because I think dressing men in my clothing is fucking hot. I only do this in personal encounters, and I do it frequently. There is an element of ‘they are me’, but there is also a sense of ambitiousness and aesthetic validation to sexually perfecting someone else as a proxy for the self, or sexually arousing yourself by way of another, through your own clothing and other objects used for the attraction of others. When done right, you begin to lose track of who’s limbs are whose in the discovery period-  most achievable when intricate garments, long skirts,  flowing fabrics are used. But there is something to be said for a thin man in a skin tight miniskirt-dress mmnn mmmmn.

My personal favourite scenarios to top for involve dressing men
in my clothing and intricate rope bondage, with a
medical, or military twist.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 9, 2008.

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