Rigging Training-and Science!

Pully System What is that?  Some mad-scientist’s role play dungeon?  Ropes and cages and exposed brick?

Well you are half right, except that usually this space is occupied by running screaming children trying to get their learn on….or something.

Its the Maryland Science Center, where I spend my Mondays working on a new exhibit the Life of the Cell, due out next Spring.  I am working with micro-controllers (www.arduino.cc) programming dynamic and interactive installations involving sensors like motion, touch scent etc……..

And one day, I saw the above contraption, and I was like: OMGz….its rope bondage!

Or, well at least a pulley system.

So I thought, isnt this the most perfect way to teach and train rope riggers how to train their arms, work with and understand pulleys..a..and even better SELF BONDAGE ASCENDING AND DESCENDING TECHNIQUES!   So I think that anyone in the Maryland/Baltimore area should pay a little visit to the Maryland Science center for a million reasons and improve their off-ground skills- for SCIENCE!

me appx 5 feet up

me appx 5 feet up

So that’s me about 20 min ago, about 5 feet off the ground, holding myself one handed and taking the picture on my camera phone super impromptu style having a blast while all the staff is laughing at my juggling act (the Museum is closed on mondays so Im allowed to act like a jacakass risk free)

so there are 3 different pulley systems with varied resistance levels, with thick (like 12mm) black poly/nylon rope with overhand knots periodically in the length for grip- although if you are like me, the 3 feet of knotted hand-over-hand length is not enough, and there are another 3 feet of vertical length you can climb if you DARE mwahahahahaha 🙂

anyway, I think its a blast, so try it out!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 10, 2008.

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