The Faces of Addiction…pornstyle?

So I have a friend who is currently in the process of detoxing…again…the way you do.  And I am trying to convince this friend to come stay with me in Baltimore, and part of this process is to find a good clinic etc to aid in that process. So I did a little googling, and poking around to see what Baltimore had to offer- I was especially curious due to the tail end of the BELIEVE saga to see if they ever got their ‘cleaner baltimore’ shtick sorted out.

And I stumble upon this:

This is where I got it If they have a problem with my repost they can sue me 🙂

And Im like GOD is this not the creepiest image ever.

first image- “they drugged me and stole me away from thailand and sold me into white slavery”

second image- “I’ll suck your dick for a dime bag”

3. I passed out in my soup once, and look at me now; Im the man behind the curtain pulling those puppet strings
4. Dont do drugs, take your soma, and wear white lipstick to make you look like a robot [promiscuity is a social obligation]

5. welcome to the looney bin, aka where color and life go away.

“the faces of addiction”
2 whores, a creepo, and an android in a stark white room.

COME ON!  I mean, are these people trying to pretend they are unfamiliar with porn and sexual archetypes?  it is SO FUCKING BLATANT.  I mean they are clearly using manipulative means to engage addicts.

Why are ONLY THE WOMEN close up and cropped?
Why are there several types of woman demonstrated?
Why is the one and only man dignified and austere?
Its a statistical FACT that most addicts are men.  So while they choose women as their subjects here, they are clearly targeting men.

Its brilliant and diabolical to co-opt the male gaze for marketing in this arena, essentially getting to the point: get clean= get laid, like the punchline of so many other ad campaigns.  Im not saying I wouldnt have made the same call, but if you think about it, most junkies LOSE their sex drives and engage sexually for other compulsive or compulsory reasons.

Im also not sure why the get clean market is advertising itself as something other than the health industry.  I can understand the effectiveness of flash-advertising and dazzle marketing, but these thigns usually tend to create a disposable consumerist approach to commodities…like bright shiny new laptops that need to be replaced when the shininess wears off etc…..So why are we turning this industry into a luxury market? Dont we want people to get, and stay clean?  Or do we want to manufacture repeat and lust-filled get clean motivations that ultimately stay as impulsive as the urge to fuck, urge to dope etc?  They ARE NOT THE SAME, but for the lives of many people these things can become vices and that relationship to substance or rush can and IS ABUSED

In the “programmes” like 12-stop programmes, this would be called 13th stepping, like fucking a newly recovered person….and is frowned upon.

Sometimes, I guess, sex just isnt the answer.
I know, Im surprised I reached that conclusion too.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Faces of Addiction…pornstyle?”

  1. i don’t know if the ad was particularly creepy, but i did like your analysis of it. the guy does look particularly sinister, and both of the first two women look like ho’s. i especially like the one who will suck my dick for a dime bag. haha

    that said, if this is a business, not a free health clinic, we can expect them to do some slick advertising, right? they need people to go there for recovery. hey, gotta make money off the dope fiends, right? shit, it’s a pretty solid business, if you ask me. just like what’s often said about pharmaceutical companies: they are not in the business to cure people, but only to sell drugs that treat symptoms.

    the real question is: does their form of ‘medicine’ work?

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am also glad that people who care still exist in the world.

    “by the works of water and fire the Lotus unfolds”

    Be Well

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