Spandex Zentai Hood- Human Doll

Human Dolls.  A much beloved and under documented practice of objectifying sex, sexual organs, and the conversion of personal identity into a purely sexual one-sex symbol…..yeah, its hot  Spandex warms up when on the body to skin temp, and is resilient just enough to smooth out the body, but not so much that it doesn’t stretch with the touch of a finger, like the most supple of skin layers……..

Meet J.


Hey- Her eyes are up here buddy 🙂

J is wearing a spandex total enclosure hood, with no zip or velcro, nothing.  She can not see and she can not open her mouth, and nothing can enter her nose or ears.

Printed on the outside of this hood are, you guessed it: Nipples for Eyes, and a cunt for a mouth.

Designed by Yours Truly….thats right me.  I work with fiber arts, in everyway possible.

this is the prototype for a series I am going to make that will eventually be a complete doll suit….the next suits in the series will also adjust gender bits on the gender areas, and include cock sheaths and vaginal canal sheaths for gender play.

Isnt she just so cute?

Isnt she just so cute?

However here she has nipples for eyes- a very convincing illusion, especially considering that every single shade and contour here is PRINTED…the colour of the fabric, the shadow under the nose, and between the lips and on the nipples is printed from a series of composited digital images on a graphic canvas and then printed out onto plain stark white spandex. The nipples however are not as convincing as the pussy-mouth, which most people dont notice there being something strange about at all…unlike the emphasized Nipples and Areolas.  Giving look into my eyes a whole new meaning.  This prototype has some adjustments I need to make to it, I would like to make one with the nipples smaller and the size slightly larger for less distortion, but the distortion’s effect has a weightier message.

I have 6 of these hoods made so far, in 2 sizes, what I will refer to as Small and Medium.  Next I will make a large, and a reconfigured set to adjust the size of the nips.

close up

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 14, 2008.

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