Gender Transformation Photoshoot

I have recently been added to the Faculty of Power Play Academy, and the first class I am teaching there will be Crossdressing, theory and practice.  This will cover the span of different forms of feminizing, gender play/swapping, sexual identity issues for non-gay gender players, closeting, easy tips for discrete at-home play and of course my favourite MAKE UP APPLICATIONS!  yay I ❤ make up

bottom3So today in anticipation of the all too super kewl tech format of Power Play Academy, I have enlisted a photographer friend of mine named Bex and one of my service boys, I cheekily call Frank Sinatra, and here will refer to as Sissy JC.

The shoot was an overview of some of the basic in-home techniques such as Saran Tucking, Foundation Garments, a few different outfits, a service series (maid), basic make up, and wig brushing.  The method of this feminization was loosely Forced Feminization, as passability was not the object, but constrictive gender based constraints were applied and solely by me, with only my hands visible.arched I have edited about half of them, and I will likely be updating the Gender Transformation gallery here with some choice ones in the next few days, and doing some more shooting with some other very lovely bois and grrrls to be…..FUN!  Did I mention that everything in these two pictures can be found at your local department store?

I am angling the class to really be accessible to people who have lifestyle reasons for being as discrete as psosible, or otherwise have no means or access to specialty items.  I think that corssdressing is such a common interest, and one that thrives so viably on the internet and this vehicle is perfect!

Check back for BODY SHAVING, Make Up, Posture, Heels, Corsetting, Wigs and Hair, Strap Ons and MORE MORE MORE!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 15, 2008.

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