Best Orgasm/Masturbation position EVAR!

After a long day of protesting Prop8 in the pouring rain, I dragged my exhausted and soggy butt home.  I was wearing a wool tweed skirt, a sheer black body stocking, ballet shoes, leg warmers, and a spandex v-neck shirt….I peeled the wet clothing off of me to hang it up to dry out…hoping that my shoes would dry out by morning.  I grabbed the closest things to me to wear, a vintage 70s spandex screen-pattern dress and my classic patent pumps.  Not to bad for a floor scrounging outfit.

I sat myself down at my computer for a good long day of preparing for graduation and applying to grad schools, and after a while I noticed that my hand had slipped its way down, gone under my skirt and was playing with my clitoral hood piercing (the wicked siren that it is!). By the time I caught myself playing with myself, it was too late- I needed it and I needed it badly.  I stood up abruptly and I said to myself aloud:

“I need to cum NOW!”

And so I marched my clippity clop pumps into the bedroom and grabbed my trusty vibrating egg. I sat down on the bed to reach for the vibe when I realized that it was my computer and my work that had turned me on the first place so why not go back over to the desk to finish what I had started.  What a novel idea for me, who, unlike Im sure many of my faithful readers, tends to masturbate other than with a computer handy.  I am graduating to the work-o-holic internet stim generation…and Im so proud. 🙂

Back in front of my beloved laptop and desk, I lift my skirt up and sit down on the vinyl 1950’s diner chair my living room has temporarily borrowed from my kitchen.  Without underwear on I stick to the chair immediately, and even the tiniest movements pull against my love-lips, teasing and taunting me with distraction.  So I pull my dress back down, creating a stretchy spandex slidable layer between my naked ass and cunt and the chair.  I lift my right leg up, and dig the heel under the surfece of the desk so that my toe points to the laptop.  The hook that my heel creates around the desktop allows me to buck and move my hips, sliding it over the spandex like a wild animal-should I so choose 😉

The promising buzz of the vibrating egg triggers a pavlovian watering in my mouth, as press and twist the metal against the steel of my piercing.  I can hear it rattle, as my one desk-rooted foot bangs against the desk, and the other scraped against the floor.

I dont know whether it was the excitement of the new location or the new pose, but I came so hard, so quickly that I feared I would catapolt myslef backwards to the floor!  Or perhaps I am just easy to get off 🙂

I highly recommend it.  And now if you’ll excuse me Im ready for round two 🙂

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 16, 2008.

One Response to “Best Orgasm/Masturbation position EVAR!”

  1. I couldn’t agree more sometimes you just need it and I think it was a combination of factors for sure. my favorite position for the one i’m with is one leg up on the the bed while I go to work as it were. All seemed to love it. it may be that you have to focus really hard on not falling and that makes it almost a challenge. That and it is hot.

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