Boob Job- I think I want it

So, Ive been debating this for a long time.  I think I just want bigger boobs.  I dont want massive crazy fake water sacks, but I think I am a bit on the small side for how broad my shoulders are- I WAS a swimmer and a dancer and this has an affect.

So Ive signed up for a site called My Free Breast Implants

(***update, they deleted my page bc I posted a blog with a sex toy review, and they claim it is erotica and deleted it!  EMAIL THEM AND COMPLAIN!!!)

Please help me reach my goal!

I think that this could be really good for me.  I think that it is important to be able to have control over yourself, and your body and how the world sees you.  This is a large part of my work in gender play as well as my work in fetish in general.  It is empowerment, it is sex, it is about confidence and loving your body.

I do not think that plastic surgery is about lack of self confidence.  I think of the body as a canvas, as a tool, a toy and a temple.  I would like to be my ideal self so that I can also be the ideal for others.

As a temple whore, I need to be the vessel of pure manifestation of the sexual divine.

As a model, I need to be able to show the excitement that you feel and want to explore and examine.

As a sexual beaing, I want to salivate and to cause others to salivate when looking at me.

I think plastic surgery and breast augmentation is like working out, tattoos, corsette training and other body disciplines.

I also LOVE to do custom shoots for people and I think this is a viable trade off!

So let me know what you think!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Boob Job- I think I want it”

  1. Write in response:
    Look, I think your tits are just perfect and if you ever change them, I will come over there and find you and spank you so fucking hard you will never sit down again in this lifetime.

    Your great gramma in heaven would feel it!


  2. I am fine with your boobs…but I don’t have a good remembery of what they look like right now, so in order to weigh in on this, I will need to take a look a closer look at them things. 🙂

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