Crossdressing @ Power Play Academy (sample syllabus)


Crossdressing and Gender Play

Instructor Klawdya Rothschild
Contact Info & Policy I welcome all questions, comments and suggestions and I prefer to be contacted one-on-one for questions you may have.  I am available for discussions via e-mail, IM, and by Skype. You may contact me through the PPA messaging system or at klawdyarothschild@.
Course Dates ———————————-
Prerequisites None
AT Credits ?
Welcome and Introduction Welcome to the world of fantasy, fetish and dress up! I am Klawdya Rothschild, a former Pro Domina, drag make-up artist, performer, model and educator committed to helping you develop your kinks and alternative hobbies .   I am honored to be among the faculty of Power Play Academy, and excited that the lifestyle has reached such cutting edge technological levels. This is multimedia education- the likes of which are only starting to be developed and regularly utilized in Universities across the world. I am hoping that for many of you this will provide a safe first step toward exploring your dressing desires from the comfort of your own home, and the ease of your schedule.  I have put a lot og time and thought into the interactive components of this class and I am confident that this online learning environment will be every bit as powerful and informative as hands on in person demos and lectures.

I first got my start in BDSM doing gender transformation for Drag Queens and Crossdressers in Dupont Circle, Washington DC and I’ve never looked back.  My life in kink has been enormously rewarding, and taken me to many places and introduced me to many wonderful people.  I am now on the Board of Directors for the NCSF, and teach and perform regularly at events and conferences  all over the country.

I hope that we can take full advantage of one another’s interests and insights, as we all have skills and experiences that benefit one another.  Classes are as informative to you as you are involved in the classes and the spirit and to desire to learn will always serve you well.  I will do my best to liven things up, produce custom and exciting images to share and guide the class along, and I am open to any input from you all along the way.  So don’t be shy and speak up! J

Course Description This class is designed in two parts: theory and practice.

Cross-dressing, Transvestitism, Dress Up, Forced Feminization, Sissification, Gender Play etc the possibilities are endless.  Where do you fit into these fabulous fantasies? Together we will explore some different types of gender play that allow you to investigate more of the options and motivations that you have for wanting to play, dress, and feel the sensual experiences behind the other side of the mysterious sex.

What does it mean to dress? These activities mean different things to many people Although identifying transvestitism as a sexual fetish or even a lifestyle may include engaging otherwise unexplored same-sex desires, many Cross Dressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals and Gender Queers it often DOES NOT.   Many find understanding and discussing their sexuality challenging or even frustrating!  We will create a safe environment to discuss the joys of being and finding CD-TV-TG lovers, and other like-minded CDTVTG’ers and learn to accept your choices and find the community who loves and supports you!

Lifestyle and Discretion. We all have different lifestyles and home life situations and not everyone is able to play openly.  We will also go over coming out strategies, or methods of discretion to best suit your current and desired relationship to your CDTV identity!

How do I dress for success? Once we explore some of the different types of dressing I will go over some of the tools and techniques needed to get the look and feel you want.  From contour shading to bring out the cheek bones of eager grrrls and to recede the brow line of butchiful bois this class covers the basic make up, hair, wig and skin care needs for the burgeoning gender blender!  The spectrum from pass-ability to drag is explored through fun and creative solutions to individual problems  and common ones like concealing 5 O’clock shadow and achieving the overall fabulous look!  Whether you are ready for play in private or on stage this class will give you the extra gender-blending edge to wax your fruit!

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Identify and discuss the different types of gender play and your own personal gender play goals and desires.
  • Know and locate the basic everyday tools and techniques to dress in the style of your choice, and discover the items you currently have in your home that you can use discretely for secret play.
  • Gain knowledge that can help you seek out others like you and others who have complimentary interests.
  • Recognize cues and desires in others who may want to play, or how to discuss your interests and desires with people in your life.
  • Polish up existing gender play techniques, such as cosmetic application, dress style, posture and more.
  • Connect with the community around you who supports your interests.
Methods of Instruction You and your classmates will learn through a variety of activities:

Live Online Webinars. Several times during the course we’ll meet online for a web-based presentation and discussion.  You’ll chat with me and your classmates live via your computer (free VoIP), telephone, or text chat–your choice-in a secure online meeting room with end-to-end encryption. I urge you to attend these class sessions (your input will add much to the discussion and is just as important as mine). If you can’t attend a particular seminar, let me know in advance and we’ll arrange to record it.

Self-Paced Content: The lessons in your virtual classroom consist of guided presentations, reading material, graphics, audio and other opportunities for expanded learning.  While you can go at your own pace, please try to complete each lesson after it’s released and before the scheduled webinars -this will keep the discussion boards more interesting and help you get more out of the assignments and live lectures.

Assignments: Most lessons contain one or more assignments. These may take a variety of forms: you could be asked to comment on a topic on the Discussion Board, go on a web field trip or kinky scavenger hunt, create a scene, do some research to share with your classmates, or other activities that are designed to be enjoyable as well as enlightening.  Assignments will generally take less than an hour a week. Spelling and grammar don’t count–only your thoughts and participation do. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be creative!

Discussion Boards. The Discussion Board questions are to stimulate thought, discussion, and lively idea exchange among the class members and instructor.  They’re not intended to test factual knowledge and will rarely (if ever) have a clear-cut answer. We encourage free expression of ideas (within the parameters described in the Code of Conduct) and demand respectful interchange from all parties.  Respect for other’s opinions or ideas does not imply agreement.

Many discussion board assignments will ask you to respond to one or more of your classmates’ posts. These don’t need to be lengthy (though detail is good), but should go beyond a simple “yes/no/agree/disagree.” You can elaborate on the original post, share a similar experience, ask a question raised by the post, or explain why you agree or disagree with the classmate’s observations.

Digital Libraries. You have access to two online libraries. The classroom’s Digital Library houses a variety of documents and materials associated with this course. Some are part of the course content; others are provided as supplements for your extended learning.  In the Student Union, you’ll find the Power Play Academy main library, which contains material accessible to all enrolled students.

Class Chat Room.  The class chat room (live text chat) is available for small group collaboration.  We may also use it for coaching or class meetings.

Quizzes and Tests. You’ll get to check your learning with a series of online tests that will give you immediate scoring and feedback.

Policies By enrolling in this course, you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and other Academy policies sent to you in your welcome packet. Copies of these materials are also available in Student Union Digital library.
Course Outline As noted above, this course will include a variety of self-paced activities and interactive online webinars.  To maximize your learning and enjoyment of the course, we highly recommend you attend as many of the live webinars as possible. There are eight Lessons in the course, two of which will be released each week.
Lesson 1:  Introduction to Gender Play(Self-paced).  A general introduction to the course, we’ll cover the various perceptions, and common forms of play and identity.
Lesson 2: Gender Goals and Identity (Live webinar). After studying and working on the assignments in Lesson one, we will meet collectively as a whole to discuss reactions and thoughts to the forms of gender play.  Sharing experiences and dreams to discover the inner gender blender that is eager to come out and feel accepted!
Lesson 3: Sexuality and Lifestyle (Self-paced). This lesson will go over different relationships styles and play scenarios specific to the different forms of play.  Included in this will be examples of home-life and private life scenarios as I introduce the pros and cons of “coming out”, or keeping your privacy.
Lesson 4: What does it mean to dress? (Live webinar). Following up from the previous lesson, we will discuss how your play impacts your life, the ways you want to explore it further, or how to control its influence in your life.  We will also discuss ways to explore previously unknown sexual fantasies while dressed and the excitement and the challenges this may pose as you learn to navigate a new sexual persona.
Lesson 5:  Gender Make Over Part One (Self-paced). The spectrum from passing to drag is explored through fun images.   Solutions to common problems like concealing 5 O’clock shadow, covering over and removing natural hair, wig choice and care, clothing choice and care are covered in step-by-step tutorials.
Lesson 6: Pretty Package (Live webinar).  Students are encouraged to send in photographs, or appear on camera, or ask specific questions about effects they would like to achieve or problems they have encountered.  We will also introduce setting the mood and beginning your transformation using props, clothing and cosmetics.  How to choose good products from bad one and skin care and beauty maintenance will also be covered.
Lesson 7: Gender Make Over Part 2 (Self-paced). Heels, corsets, special fx needs, binding, tucking, padding, posture, body language and more will be covered along with a review of the good, bad and ugly products and uses of traditional gender play accessories.  Learn to spin those tassels, flatten those pecs and build up your breasts, and feel confident in your new garb to play in your home or venture out in public.
Lesson 8: Communications and Putting It All Together (Live webinar). We’ll review what you’ve learned in class and learn to diagram fantasies with a solid approach on how to implement them.
How to Get Help For technical issues and help with the course, click the Help & Support link that will be located in the lower right corner of your classroom screen. If you can’t access the course or need any other type of assistance, e-mail or use the internal messaging system to contact us.
Withdrawal Policy If you decide the course isn’t for you, you may withdraw before Day 7 and your tuition will be refunded less a 15% administrative fee. To drop, e-mail your instructor with a copy to no later than Day 7. More information is located in the Enrollment Agreement.  

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello, Ms Klawdya. My name is Dylan. After reading your syllabus on crossdressing and I’m intrigued. I want to know more. How do I enroll for such a course? Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

  2. i like eat the womens scat

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