My Sex FAQ

Preferred place for semen on my body: The Chest.

Preferred position: me on top, being held down for resistance.

Genital piercings: Clitoral Hood. Tongue

Spit or swallow: I have only spit out once in my life…and that’s because I told him it didn’t belong there anyway.

Sweet Spot: Nipples.

Fav part of the male body: Sternum Pit

Favourite condom brand: Beyond 7/Kimono. Back up: Durex ultra thin.

Phys Specialites: Multi-positions, multiple orgasm, full service blowjobs, kegel muscle training, legs behind head, deep pen, cross legged.

Hard limits: no salad tossing giving. Really prefer not receiving too. No choking, nothing around the front of my neck. Animals, nope. Adult baby, nope.

Soft limits: fluids, commitment(s), real name, overnights in my home, breath play (not involving the neck),

Secret Shame: The best reason for monogamy is fluid bond/condomless sex. its worth it, sort of ;).

Not so secret shame: I developed a problem with anal sex and anal play (receiving) of any kind. This is something Id like to work on and change.

Role play kinks: Nazis and military uniforms, Christian Sacrilege, GenderBending (M->F).

Kinks I do frequently and well: Nurse/Dr, Robber Dolly, Bondage Rag Dolly, Drag King.

Kinks: Bondage/restraint; tight spaces; water; blindfolds; group sex/multi partner; public places (non-spectator

Sexual landmarks not yet acheieved: Airplane. Blind Suspended gang-bang. Committed Polyamorous relationship.

Best features: eyes, legs, tits, mouth.

Catchy phrases: Sex fixes everything; it can cause a lot of problems too, but then fixes it all over again. They call this Cathexis.

In sex, everything and everyone is objectified.

Fact: One of the most annoying things you can do during sex is close your eyes and “feel”. Unless you are told to do that, of course, because that’s another story. Men who lie there, silent, motionless, expressionless while I give you head aside from being boring, and possibly even rude, are only hurting yourself. Every little twitch in your body, every sound, every push and pull is a code, a language developed between partners that guides me over the courses of your orgasm. The less information you give me, the less likely I am to be able to navigate your waters into my mouth. That isnt to say that I need a play by play, some sportscaster like break down of absolutely every last little thing running through your head or that you think or feel or want etc. Nor do I need to speed things up, but unless I took a wrong turn and ended back up in service-land last time I checked there were-at least- two of us in this sex act, so stay with it…I shouldn’t be able to hear crickets go by and neither should you.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “My Sex FAQ”

  1. OK I’ll bite.

    Preferred place for semen on my body: Coming out of the business and of my dick?

    Preferred position: Me on top or her on top. I like to do whatever is right at the time so we’re both feeling it…enjoying it.

    Genital piercings: No piercings.

    Spit or swallow: Well I’ve tried my own of course. I can’t say I really like the taste. If I was in a big gay hairy relattionship, I might reconsider. However, I do not find myself in a big gay hairy relationship at this time.

    Sweet Spot: Nipples. Me too.

    Fav part of the male body: Sternum Pit <– I actually had surgery as a young lad to fix my sternum bone because it was protruding. there’s no pit, but there is a scar there.

    Favourite condom brand: Yeah…I’d rather be in a committed relationship because there’s no condom necessary, but I guess Durex does the job. Tried sheepskin a couple of times, but of course, those aren’t protecting anyone from bugs.

    Phys Specialites: Mind connection responsivness. And if we don’t offer the services you’re looking for, just ask!

    Hard limits: Depends (not the adult diapers).

    Soft limits: Depends.

    Secret Shame: My imagination does what it does. Sometimes, I am in control of it. Sometimes it is in control of me.

    Not so secret shame: I try not to have secrets. I’d rather not, but who knows what chain reaction information can set off once shared.

    Role play kinks: Whatever works.

    Kinks I do frequently and well: I guess I never really thought about it. Just go with what feels good. Eye contact. Breathing. The sensation of closeness. Imagining the future and not getting bent out of shape. Being in the zone.

    Kinks: Again…would need to further explore the categories.

    Sexual landmarks not yet acheieved: I mean…there are like 7 billion people on earth. Do I have to fuck all of them?

    Best features: My low self esteem? heh heh. Nah…I never really think of myself having a best feature.

    Catchy phrases: Energy. Connection.

  2. oh wait…my favorite part of the male body is the head.

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