Diabolique Ball! ME LIVE Nov 22nd

This year’s Diabolique Ball is just around the corner!  This annual event is a charitable event that raises money for really awesome causes!

I will be there performing my little heart out ALL NIGHT LONG.  So if you live on the east coast and you’ve been dying to be tied up, or tied by me NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!  Suspensions a plenty all with the sleep-at-night-well feeling of helping people!  Huzzah!

I have 3 sexeriffic outfits picked out, a bunch of new rope, old rope, new latex, old latex, and sexy sexy ideas for you, and me!  so come on down!  And a little birdie told me that we wil have the ability to do FLYING!!!! Thats right, now just suspension, but FLYING THROUGH THE AIR!  whooooopieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This Year’s Beneficiaries:

Bread and Roses Community Fund

Women’s Therapy Center

Fantasy Date Auction benefits

Woodhull Foundation


The Diabolique Ball was created in 1997 by PASSIONAL (formerly Fetishes Boutique, see http://www.fetishesboutique.com) along with Delicious Corsets (www.deliciouscorsets.com) and a team of dedicated helpers. Local performers have donated their services, and we have flown visiting celebrities to Philadelphia to perform. The Diabolique Foundation was created to make official the efforts of the people who organize the Ball each year. The Ball has contributed its monies to several local HIV/AIDS women’s and gay organizations. Past recipients have included: Action AIDS, National Foundation for Children with AIDS, MANNA, Washington West Project, AIDS Law Project, Youth Health Empowerment Project, PCHA, Wisdom, Safeguards, BABASHI, Calcutta House, ASIAC. The AIDS Library, Youth Health Empowerment Project, William Way Community Center.

The Diabolique Foundation is a Pennsylvania non-profit charitable organization that has just been approved for non-profit status. Donations are now tax-deductible

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 20, 2008.

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