Forced Femme TWEEZING!

Ok all

in the spirit of the holiday season, I will share some of the photos in my gender transformation class for in series form!

straddleI hop on to her lap, straddling her and holding her in place while I assess how bad her ungroomed eyebrows are.

pluckI pull out my handy black carbon tweezers, with a slant tip and start to pull, fast and slow, furiously removing the unwanted hair.  The slower I go the more it hurts as there is time in between each pull to feel the sting- but the faster I go the more hair at one time I pull…so under my treatment you are in my control-tweeze utterly.

How lucky you are to have  me sit on you, grooming you, in your pretty little dress, and heels.  You can smell my perfume and wish that it were how you smell…and sometimes when I lean forward you can feel my breasts press into your stuffed bra, and you wish the tables were turned.  shapesmYou start to grow aroused beneath me, as I grind into you expressing me own excitement, but the saran wrap I bound your boy-bits with to make you into my pretty little sissy quash your attempts.

Now that the stray hairs are gone I can start shaping your eyebrows, giving them the sexy arch that expresses your emotions, your desires and can even betray your inner feminine thoughts.  You are completely in my control, you can feel the sting above both of your eyes, and you think you might even cry, but the weight and warmth of me sitting on you keeps you focused on your transformation, and how you will be used later.moisturize

And now, with both eyebrows shaped, your forehead is ablaze, and you can feel yourself sexier, feminine and relishing in the care I have provided for you.  With a few pumps of lotion, I cover my hands and smooth it on to your eyebrows, caressing the sore burning skin that is left behind.

We wouldnt want any unsightly red bumps would we?

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Forced Femme TWEEZING!”

  1. Your transformation class is going to be a staple of the Power Play Academy curriculum. Soooooo engaging! It’s great to have you on the faculty.

  2. You seem like a fantastic teacher!Keep up the good work.

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