…and another one bites the dust

so, I decided I needed to write this one while it was fresh in my mind.

I think I am getting better at noticing and taking action on the red flags in people’s personalities….this time it only took me 4 hours (I had suspicions earlier on, so not perfect but better!)  And, whatever criticism it gets me over accusations of being a feminazi or whatever, all the great qualities in the world just can not and should not over come some red flags.

1.  Does being a sex worker, porn star, sex educator, fetish model………………….. mean that I will send you unedited naked pictures of me, or of others?

No.  My response will be- if you want porn surf for it like everyone else.  If you want my pics buy them like everyone else.  If you want a hooker go find one.  But word to the wise, they wont take your shit either.

2.  Does being sexual or kinky mean that anything goes in the bedroom, or in conversation?  No…see “date rape” for clarification

3.  Does the golden rule, or the normal social contract apply to sex workers?  OF COURSE

If you wouldnt do X with any other girl, then you know what maybe I wont like it either…..maybe I will.  Thats the thing.  Openness and experience dont actually give you carte blanche to act rude, pushy, or entitled.

So I am really sick and tired of men who want to date me who take the attitude that of course by nature of them having my attention for a few minutes entitles them to photos, videos or somehow other favours.  Like asking me out on a date and having me say yes:

1. guarantees them sex

2. guarantees them free porn

3. guarantees them free erotica of any kind, spoken written or whatever

I *might* give you those things, if I want to…and frankly most of the men I date do get to enjoy those things.  Its not an incentive, its a fucking PERK, a privilege not a right.  where do you get off?  Not on me, that’s for sure.  I am happy to explain this to you, but really I dont get anything out of sending random people my naked pics, believe it or not, I do what I do because I have reasons.  So unless you compell me (no, asking me out is not a reason, and neither is sending me pics of you dressed like a girl) why should I?

If I fuck you, you’ll see me naked, and guess what it will be MUTUAL.  Remember that concept, both people in the equation?  RIGHT, remember that.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “…and another one bites the dust”

  1. It’s rather sad that it’s necessary to spell out things like this. You’re clearly a very interesting, not to mention attractive, woman and do not have to take shit. (Come to that, if you were neither of these things it wouldn’t change a thing!)
    Please do not send me any naked images!

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