Vibe on the Go: Colgate 360 Sonic


I know what you are saying to yourself “Klawdya, that is a toothbrush and not a vibrator”  but honestly when I picked up this toothbrush at the pharmacy, while legitimately looking for a replacement toothbrush…I knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in to temptation and found out for myself just how sonic this 360 Sonic model really could be.

I held out for appx 5 days.

Satyr and Klawdya in Philadelphia

Satyr and Klawdya in Philadelphia

Veronica Bound and Klawdya in Philadelphia

Veronica Bound and Klawdya in Philadelphia

I found myself in Philadelphia again, this time staying at Satyr and Veronica Bound‘s gorgeous South Philly home…..and after a night of partying I woke up with a bit of sexual tension that needed to be released in the privacy and comfort of my morning shower…..Just one problem, I forgot to pack, among other things, my travelvibrator.

One of the key features I look for in a travel-friendly vibrator, aside from the normal things like vibe speed and strength, is waterproofness.  You often travel with other people and for many of us the only time/place that would be appropriate to take care of business on the road is in the sanctuary of privacy and hygiene called the bathroom….and if you want to be really discrete about it, you’ll rub one out with a vibrator while in the shower or with both the faucet and the shower running so mask the noise.

So here I am, in the shower, brushing my teeth and really, really wanting to get off BADLY….and the vibration of the toothbrush on my teeth is both teasing me and tempting me immensely.  So I gave in to temptation.

The non bristle side of the toothbrush head has a textured rubbery surface, as many toothbrushes do these days, they call it a tongue scraper, we sex toy savvy call it  Clit Tickler…and that it does very well indeed.

The vibration on this toothbrush is STRONG, and the handle is ergonomically designed by rocket scientists or something to ensure a variety of really really effective holding styles, allowing you to really maximize angles and grip on this high designed very inexpensive sex toy.  The best thing I discovered about this was that the long handle and slight bend in the neck allowed me to essentially grind the vibrator into my clit by imitating the gesture of jacking off…which is also something I appreciate greatly, and was previously only possible through ingeniously designed toys such as the Feeldoe which allows masturbation for women to really mimick male jacking off.

The one down side I discovered was that eventhough I washed the toothbrush after brushing and before using it on my cunt there was still a residue of mint from the toothpaste that had a slightly numbing effect on my clit.  Mint in general is not a favoured item for me in sex items, however fans of the mint condoms and mentholated lubes will love this added bonus, but for me Im going to try washing it more thoroughly or maybe even switch to a different toothpaste  for next time 😉

So however you may feel about using your toothbrush as a vibrator and vice versa, this one is worth checking out.  With proper washing in between there should be no worries.  And, as we all know, we shouldnt be sharing toothbrushes with others we wouldnt have unprotected sex with, so the same applies here as a sex toy or an oral hygiene product.

This has a strong vibration, minimal sound, discrete as hell, waterproof, and well designed and CHEAP!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on December 6, 2008.

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  1. im told that those things you use for buffing your face are good too. Im trying to rememebr who makes them but the name escapes me at teh momment i jsut remember it looke liek a tiny sander almsot and was battery powered with a nubbin on the end.

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