Spit in my Mouth?

First of all, my most sincere apologies for not blogging in a while…..I have a good excuse though, and that is I am GRADUATING from COLLEGE!   WOOOHOOOO finally.


Meet Harley:Harley

Harley is a stripper at Cheerleaders, a bikini bar in South Philly, and a long time friend of mine.

While visiting with me this month we got to talking about the industry and trends in clientele and we got onto the subject of frequent requests.

Aside from the obvious “show me the pink” and the ubiquitous blow job solicitations, she told me that by far her most frequent request from men was…

a nightly, sometime tri-nightly request for her to SPIT into their mouth.

to which I responded immediately with 3 questions:

“All kinds of guys”


“old, young, fat, thin, black white?”

“Yeah, I mean its more common from younger guys but…..”

“More than blow jobs?”

“By far more than blow jobs”

harleyspitting“And do you do it?”

“Yes, of course…and I dont even usually charge more for it, but it usually results in them offering up more green”

This one took me completely off guard.  Since then I have put this subject to the test, asking a few other dancers and escorts, and a bunch of strip club frequenting gentlemen.  All of whom were amazed.  So this leads me to a whole new set of questions to you, my faithful readers:

-Is this something you ask for, or will ask for now?

-Do you think this is a Philly thing?

-Do you think this is a Harley-specific phenom?

I understand spitting in the context of humiliation, and I even understand it in the context of dribbling as a stand in for semen or other juices, but spt into the mouth?  Is this like subverting the GFE DFK thing?

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on December 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “Spit in my Mouth?”

  1. Um…it’s an intimacy thing. How could you be closer to someone than to have part of them inside of you? It’s kind of interesting that women wouldn’t think men wanted that feeling…Obviously a lot of us do.

    • Well Mel, first off thanks for reading my blog!
      In response, Im not sure that I or most women are necessarily of the opinion that men wouldnt want intimacy….or that they wouldnt want ‘part of us inside them’ so much as we have never encountered this request before.
      To go from never having gotten a request before to one person getting this same request 5-10 times a week is quite a leap.

      I have never had a lover spit in my mouth or vice versa, nor has there been requests for such, but of course spit is swapped….its entirely different to hack one into a mouth which is somewhat, in my experience a violent or humiliating gesture. I mean, we arent talking dribbling or drolling, we are talking Spit-ting

      thoughts? Do you ask for it, fantasize about it?

  2. Drool maybe…but not a full blown spitooey. Drool is hot because it reminds me of the comatose state of relaxation.

    Congrats on graduation. I buy you a beer.

  3. Like anything else involved in kink, consent is what turns a humiliating gesture into a hearts’n’bunnies’n’flowers gesture. Would I let a stranger spit in my mouth? Not a chance…Would I let my partner/lover/master/mistress spit in my mouth? Definitely…And I’m not into humiliation at all. To me, it’s just another amazing sensation I can share with someone I have a bond with.

    And to answer your question, it never even occurred to me until someone i trusted just did it. It was hot in ways that I still cannot fully describe.

  4. Back in ’81 or 82, I was living with this gal, we did lots of different things together… anyway, one day she was riding me, and out of the blue, she opened her mouth and drooled a long string of saliva down into my mouth, followed by her dropping down against me and frenching the hell out of me… It was the most erotic experience I had had up until then. I wish I could find a gal that would do that sorta thing… Not in a humiliation sense, but in a sharing sense…

  5. Of course, one thing I have also found hot is when a gal sucks me off, then kisses me with my cum in her mouth, passing it to me… I don’t care much for the flavor (tastes better when it is mixed with her juices, when I eat her creampie) but it sure does feel ertic and turn me on!

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