Hardtied Promo Pics!

klawdya_01_09Hey guys, I know you have been waiting patiently to see the sexy sexy photos from my 2 days with the Intersec Family….and just now, hot off the presses  I have some pictures to share with you!

Now I coulda done this gallery style, but I wanted to be nice and give you large pictures with all the sexy descriptions and memories I could dredge up.

Down in DUMBO, brooklyn is the large Hardtied/Infernal Restraints/TopGrl studio.  Along one wall is a wooden dungeon, lined with scary rusted-looking medieval style metal torture devices, and surrounded by every kind of sex toy, BDSM toy, torture implement you can imagine.  I thought I was hot shit until i went there and I discovered how much of a woos I really am!  klawdya_01_11

They started me off in one of my very favourite outfits, its a silk/poly totally original 1950’s vintage dress, with my hair freshly tossled out of french-braids, and my very cute low-key girl next store patent pumps. Really classic girl on a train tracks pin up style, OOOH I love it.  They tied me up to this metal post they have int he center of the dungeon, and teased me taunting me that I couldnt get out, eventhough I claimed to be such an escape artist……and well, unfortunately for them I Did!  I struggled in the rope for a little under 1 minute before they were chasing my hands and trying to restrain me!  klawdya_02_021

And restrain me they did…they pulled me to the ground, ripped off my dress and hogtied me, where I was once again instructed to try to wriggle free.  PD tells me that he could smell the excitement and arousal as it dripped from between my legs, and I must admit he is probably right.  I have thought about this several times while alone, and has even been the subject of a few masturbation sessions when Im looking to hit a home run 😉

So there I am struggling, face down, getting my nice white slip all dirty, and my little striped panties very wet, and i start to free myself…so they snatch me once more and put me in a position klawdya_04_22I was sure to not escape from…and I sure didnt.  I was in that position for almost 45 minutes, with drool running down my chest and into my already wet cunt.  I never would have believed that my tits could work in a cupcake harness, but sure enough PD was able to stretch em good and get them at attention…making them so sensitive and perky.

You can just barely make out the “pogo” near my crotch (down left) and that vicious little thing inflate 3-4 times its original size once its inside!  I couldnt believe the intensity of that sensation, feeling my vaginal canal inflate, while they jammed the stick in an out….funny thing is that my kegel muscles are so developed that if they let it sit for more than a minute it would rocket out….I have the tight squeeze 😉

Miss Beth of Hardtied tells me that my article should be up within the next week so all of you should go check it out and tell me how I did.  It was truly a life changing experience and I cant wait to go back!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on February 9, 2009.

One Response to “Hardtied Promo Pics!”

  1. Love the dress choice and those shoes are perfect with it.

    As hot as nude shots are, there is something even more sexy about the dressed shots. It’s due to your expressions and how you wear the dress – what the images convey in terms of emotion perceived by the viewer. The helpless damsel, her dress partially unbuttoned, with the 50ies style giving that added air of femininity from a past age.”Classic Girl on Train Tracks Pin-up Styel” – exactly, and very nice for it.

    And the “tight squeeze” part sent a very nice chill up my spine LOL.

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