Morning After Pill: no prescription needed!

morningafterEmergency Contraceptive Pill, Plan B, Levonorgestrel aka the Morning after pill is AVAILABLE WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION FOR WOMEN OVER THE AGE OF 18!!

This is a big deal.  You can walk right up to the pharmacy of a rite aid and go: Here is my ID, give me the pill.  And they will.

Ok, so Im not exactly breaking news with this info, since its been about a year and a half  (aug 2006) since they instated this, but this is a really important thing to know, and is also an important resource to have access to.  This means 24 hours a day you can roll into an all night pharmacy and get rid of this problem no fuss no muss, no stress, no expensive doctor’s appointments nothing.  The pill is, however, very expensive.  Today I paid a whopping $54 bucks in sunny southern california.

I have also discovered this website:

which will overnight you the pill for less than I paid at the pharmacy, and that can help avoid the embarassment, or aid in discretion if desired.  This is BIG!  And great! So here is me, while travelling worried about finding a doctor or a clinic on a sunday….and all I had to do was walk into the drugstore.  easy as spray can cheese (or me last night for that matter)  Luckily it was with a long time ongoing partner of mine.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on February 9, 2009.

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