No hope for the sex worker?

secretdiarySecret Diary of a Call Girl is kinda like my therapy. On a cold, lonely night I can sit back and drift into a little fantasy of call girl heaven, where the clients are gorgeous and the interludes contrived……yet oh so much fun, and the British accents dont hurt.

But somewhere in the middle of season 2, things started to get a bit, below the belt as it were, even for this show.

thanks to a little internet surfing Ive been watching ahead of the episodes as they air normally aired on Showtime…… and right about episode 5 of Season 2, with Belle/Hannah involved in a “real relationship, the big decision comes around, to tell her boyfriend that she is a prostitute.  The inevitable climax being that if/when he finds out he may and likely will not want to keep seeing her.  Add to that the charming plot twist of him walking in or her mid-session (one of the more unlikely yet, pre-set-up scenarios of the show if you ask me) for the added sting…and sure enough by the end of the episode he’s calling her dirty names and ignoring her phone calls.

Sound familiar?  Well to me it does.  Typical.  And in fact, it isnt even until in E7, sorry to give it away kids, that he even considers to see her again AFTER SHE QUITS HER JOB.

This is the woman who for1 1/3 seasons has been sex positive, sex worker positive, totally adjusted to her job and an advocate for it….now she is scrambling to keep ehr man my ditching her cred.

bondageklawIve been there, Im sure many of you have been or at least can relate.  But what the fuck is that?  Is that the answer guys?  Ive been struggling with this subject on a personal level, yes here is me getting personal, for years now.  Ive had boyfriends who, before the met me jerked off to my photos on the internet, only to date me and have a “problem” at some moral, or other some such level with what I do.  And yes, Ive jumped through those same sappy hoops giving it all up, distancing myself from career, friends and well myself, only to discover that the perspective is, once a whore always a whore and never a virgin can be- an irredeemable dirty thing that cant be saved.

What gives?

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on February 20, 2009.

One Response to “No hope for the sex worker?”

  1. Perhaps it’s a perceived possesion issue? At a point, they lose sight of the fact that (in your case) it’s a job?

    Nice blog…I’m glad I found it/you/

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