Student Question and Response

>>>Thanks for the great presentation tonight at BR!  I’m sad I won’t be
able to make the Saturday workshop.
I’d like to hear when your Self Bondage Manifesto comes out (and about
progress along the way), so if you ever make an email list for that,
please include me.
Also, you mentioned during class something called a shrimp tie.  What
is that?  I have Googled it without much success.<<<

Self Bondage Manifesto is awaiting ok from Green Candy Press, pretty
please write to them:
and let them know you eagerly await its publication (and  spread the word!!!)

I  also recently had an essay on Self Bondage published in: Rope,
Bondage, and Power:

Shrimp Tie:

It is essentially a tie that connects the ankles to a chest harness,
sometimes in front of the body and sometimes in back of the body.
Different variations also include the wrists or arms, and can even
include ties around the back of the neck to bring the head down closer
to the chest and/or ankles.  It is called Ebi, Gyaku Ebi, Shrimp Tie
and prawn Tie.

Also, ties you might be curious about:
Frog Tie-  Where the shin/ankle is attached to the thigh/quad
Hog tie- you might know?  attaching the wrists to the ankles, and
sometimes involving a chest or hip harness to secure.

you can find pictures and instruction of this in:
Lee Harrington’s “Shibari You Can Use”
Midori’s Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

thanks for your support!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on April 17, 2009.

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