Interview w/ Darian of TNGBaltimore for NCSF!

darian1Darian /IL Re is on the Steering Committee for TNGB, Baltimore’s The Next Generation group. He is Poly, and has a sub primary partner. Additionally, he is a house Dom for DXSRapture DC and is a member of MAsT Baltimore. You may also see him with Sacred Mark Sanctuary.

Klawdya: Is it important to have groups dedicated to 18-35 yr olds?

Darian: I think it’s quite valuable to have a target of the age range. Most of our participants are 20-30s. WE are the future of kink, and we bring new ideas. Sometimes it seems there’s an unspoken assumption that people in their 20s don’t know what they’re doing—which many of us find discouraging. I also think there’s a comfort level seeing others in your age range as talented and skilled. I think it’s easier for a newbie to feel comfortable playing and asking someone similar to them.

Klawdya: Do you have a specific direction or goal for the group?

Darian: We’re basically about making kink accessible to people. We organize social functions and keep people informed about educational events. It’s a good place for people to get a foot in the door and learn about themselves.  I’d like to see us support more political orgs and offer a wider variety of events to draw more people into our safe haven. We want to increase awareness of the group so that anyone can use us as a stepping stone into the scene.

Klawdya: Is TNGB an affiliate of any org(s)? Or with other TNGs?

Darian: We used to be a SIG of BESS but we separated from BESS around 6 months ago– allowing us to include people 18-35, not just 21+. TNGB has collaborated with DCTNG and hopes to continue the collaboration; and although we aren’t an “affiliate” of DXSRapture we often work together. 1/2 the proceeds of TNGB parties go to a charity, and we’ve helped with some NCSF fundraisers—we are also discussing joining the NCSF.

Klawdya: What are the most common topics for your group/meetings?

Darian: We talk about upcoming and past events and what we want to see, life issues, kinky interests, and new ideas. I think of the community as a family and we all have different relationship levels or dynamics, but care about each other.

Klawdya: Does your group favor certain types of play?

Darian: Rope bondage is a fairly common area of interest, and a decent number of us are poly. Electricity is pretty popular too, perhaps because that and rope are a little harder to learn and there’s less to read about it .

Klawdya: Are most of your members in more than one alternative lifestyle?

Darian: Most of our members are kinky/BDSM-ers. We have a lot of poly folk, and recently we’ve seen an influx of GQ. Most people we get are new, never been to any lifestyle event, and just saw us online or on a flyer.

Klawdya: Do you convert/recruit these newbies?

Darian: I wouldn’t say we convert them– we open opportunities for them to learn more about themselves. And yes, a decent number of newbies continue to support and participate.

Klawdya: How would you describe TNGB’s primary methods:

Darian: We are supportive and informative in a social way. I’d like to say that we all have varying levels of kink in us and exploring this can be an amazing journey (at least it has for me). As cheesy as it sounds life is full of opportunity, yet youth is not everlasting… we should take advan-tage of the time we have, grab life and explore pleasure and pain. Check out Our Happy Hours are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, at Shuckers in Fells Point, Downtown Baltimore. Really, just find one of us, you’ll fall in love and never want to leave.

-Klawdya Rothschild

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~ by Klawdya Rothschild on May 5, 2009.

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  1. There are too many abbreviations what does TNGB, GQ, SIG, BESS, NCSF i know what BDSM means but thats it.

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