New Rope Source- Aja Rope

Shibaricon is one of my favourite events of the year.  The people are so friendly and dedicated and you often see some of the most beautiful work and moments.

shibaricon_header_09_bannerThursday before the Meet n Greet a woman named Lilly, of A’ja Rope (A’ja, which means Come here in Hindi, I wonder if they know) came up to me and said “I owe you hugs…and Im a gifter”  and out from a bag she produces a lovely 30 foot bundle of beautifully dyed hemp rope.  The color they said was “Ultra Violet” a very deep, dark purple that unlike other dark purples which sometimes look black, is unmistakably purple– which I like very much.  I didnt see this color anywhere on their website, but they did have many other colors to choose from, and perhaps this is a new color they will be offering.

The source of this rope is raw, organic, Romanian hemp…a rare thing these days, as rumor had it that MONK bought up the entire Euro/Romanian hemp source.

The rope is stiff and tight, the way that the raw/unprocessed hemp I prefer is, but has the washed and dyed smell that hand worked hemp has.  This smell is not what I look for in a rope, since I love the unmasked grassy smell of raw rough hemp.  But, for a well worked, strong, beautifully dyed rope, this is a good source for sure.

I am very happy to receive presents of this kind!  Thank you Lilly!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on May 22, 2009.

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