Stalkers Come in All…accents

When you live with parts of what most consider your private life out in the open, and yes this time I mean sex, you are bound to attract many varied forms of intense attention.

Sometimes that’s the point.

Without that attention its hard to give voice to your causes (in my case Sexual Freedom, Alt Sex Rights, Sex Workers Rights, Marriage Equality)

Without that networking and putting yourself out there its hard to meet like-minded people, exhibit or produce your artwork, or research.

But sometimes, that attention just isnt…and Im a girl who apparently attracts a lot of those sometimes…

In my life I would say I have accumulated a few different “stalkers”.  Both the legal and colloquial definition of stalker include a wide spectrum of what qualifies as stalking, or harassing behaviour (this also referred to as terrorism, in the US, but what isnt).

These can range from:

Incessant Phone calls, emails, post letters.

Showing up at your school, job, home, or places you frequent.

Posting photos, stories, personal information, contact information physically and/or on the internet.

And my personal “fav” scorned lovers threats, insults, emotional, sometimes drunken outpourings AFTER you have clearly, and in writing, told them to NEVER contact you again.

Yes, all of these things constitute stalking, cyber stalking and/or harassment.  And it doesnt matter what country you are from, which language is your first language, or how your Mama raised you.

Aside from pathetic and annoying, these things are violent, hostile, and threatening– and in no way acceptable behaviour no matter how you feel.

If you are being harassed or stalked seek help. Let people know, dont keep silent.  Dont let them win.  Show them you arent scared, arent hurt and that you wont deal with it.

For more information on how to report distance/cyber stalking: WIRED SAFTEY

You should also contact the police in your local area to file a compaint.  If the matter is international, or non-US based, contact the local police and follow up with your native embassy or the embassy from where the harassment originated.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Stalkers Come in All…accents”

  1. Very good advice! Innocent victims of cyber stalkers should never just ignore the harassing and threatening emails sent by stalkers on the Internet. Consult the proper authorities, then contact a private investigator that can perform a reverse email look-up investigation.

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