HNT! Best Crossdressing photos!

gif-crossdresser-insideHappy Half Naked Thursday

And what a fantastic time to introduce my new series of favourite Cross dressing images for your viewing pleasure.

I have always thought this was one of the most amazing images.

It so thoroughly depicts the concepts of gender at play with crossdressing, and the gender “spectrum”.  We see the figure as predominantly female, as she is the one who confrontationally stares at us, as the male skin lies limp in her hands.  Her gaze forces us to identify with her first, perhaps only, and to recognize her as vibrant and alive.  But what we dont know about this proud and seemingly empowered female is whether she is disrobing or about to cloak herself in the guise of the masculine or the male.

Do we interpret this as the true inner female, finally able to escape the unfortunate male wet sack of an exterior?

Or do we see a strong, cunning, woman pleased by her resolve to be remade by this outer male skin?

This male is essentially passive, his role here is largely expendable, merely a device to communicate the metamorphosis.  Lifeless and pale contrasted with the taut, tan hair-gelled woman zippering his carcass like a leather body suit.

Another interesting thing is the genitalia.  Her breasts are exposed, and the angle of the form lead the eye directly to her crotch, evening immitating the V shape classically associated with female genitals.  Functionally her breasts play no role.  The statement of the image would be made just the same if her right arm obscured her right breast and the male skin covered her left.  The message would still be clear if she were only zipped/unzipping as far as the neck.  But it isnt.  The most readily available answers for this, additionally supported by her tan body and cosmetically enhanced face and hair, is the sexiness–the demonstration of prowess that comes with the promise of sexual satisfaction (even when simply fetishistic)– and of course the desire to portray the subject matter in a positive light so that it may be well received and even praised, which are one and the same mechanism.

But what is also strange is the fact that the male clad legs are poised so as to block the male genitalia.  Are they too as limp and lifeless as the rest of the body?  In their exposure would the illusion be dispelled?  Is there a female-centric viewpoint, girl parts good male parts bad, that is at play here, and do we like it?  buy it? sympathize or chafefrom it?  And what about the gesture ?  Sheepish, girlish, dainty with the parted pinky-toe, on point, and tilted to the side.  A modesty and fearfulness belying the candor and confidence of the face and torso.

The maker of this image is just as present as the woman; hir motives are clear. But I will not out hir, but simply revel in the analysis of it all as I hope you will too.

And insofar as I am posting it here, with the positive opinion of it that I have, hir epicene goals may very well have been met.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on July 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “HNT! Best Crossdressing photos!”

  1. Interesting image and thoughtful commentary on it.

  2. This is an extremely interesting image and a thoughtful commentary on it.

  3. Hello 🙂

  4. agreed…very cooll…i’m going to link to it

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