Personal Update

Hello All, Friends, Family, Lurkers and othersmargaritas

Its been one helluva summer!

3 all girl gang bangs have definitely given me an assortment of strap-ons for reference all the different colors and sizes and textures oh my!  One particularly lovely memory was the 4 strap on train we had going at TesFest with me in the middle!  Oh fun!

Ive been battling with a medical issue (fibromyalgia) which has put quite a kink in my bondage regiman! But luckily Ive been slowly able to get back into the swing of things.

I am also moving to NYC! I found a lovely place in the East Village and I will be moving into it any day now!  I am sad to be leaving DC behind but I cant wait to party with all my NY friends!  You’ll come and visit me up there won’t you ?? HMMMN? Meanwhile Ill be at DO Summer Camp so we can see each other there!

Also, work on the Self Bondage book has been coming along swimmingly! I asked my friend and colleague Janice Stine ( to co-author the book and I am really very excited for the addition of her extremely fun perspective.  I have finished 2 chapters and 1 insert, so look forward to this book being published and available early next year!

Janice and I were both published in Lee Harrington’s Rope Bondage and Power and its a fun book too so go pick it up, itll be a nice preview for our book to come!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on August 11, 2009.

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