Best Cross-dressing photos!

transvestite It is interesting to trace the evolution of acceptance that cross-dressing has undergone.

This image, from a pulp novel in the middle of last century paints a picture of a fringe activity, deeply set in the realm of fantasy, never to be explored but for the other-world of the novel.

Is it every cross-dresser’s dream to have their SO nearby to engage, accept, or perhaps even marvel at the role reversal?  How many of us gender fuck players revel in the secrecy? Enjoy the clandestine rituals with every silken stocking, or every burnt cork beard?

For the gender binary so enforced for the majority of the previous century, do we look upon this change, this opening up of gray areas between the many identities as freedom?

Despite new cultural acceptances, movies that have cross-dressing as part of the plot, political figures who are discovered to be riding the gender fence, is this change a welcome one?  Do we march proudly into the streets, or do we cling to our closet as a sanctuary, our one place hidden from the world of others?

Fantasies can lose their brilliance when the light of day shines upon them, but still isn’t the option delightful?  Without fear of violence, or with somewhat reduced threat of violence, we can now sculpt the nature and location for our alluring alter egos.

But riddle me this: when gender roles and habits become even more blurred, how will cross-dressing exist?

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on August 29, 2009.

One Response to “Best Cross-dressing photos!”

  1. You have brought up some good points ! I love wearing woman,s lingerie!Get dressed up with a nice dress and make up! I love to get in touch with my female side! I honor it and by doing so I incease in my creativty!! I feel the human body is beautiful and I am very comfortable in my own skin! I am a artist and I love to create beautiful nudes of both women and men!! Are there other people who feel the same?

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