Anal/Scat Play’s Best Kept Secret

Medical Diagram of Female Anatomy

Female Anatomy

The tip I am about to share with you all is perfect for people yearning for that extra edge on control and power play, and arent traditionally into ass or scat play, but also GREAT for those with predilections for thatsort of play looking for that hidden surprise.

This technique uses the cunt, sorry to those who dont have one, but Im sure you can find the right pussy-having person to use this on.

As you can see in the lovely medical diagram I have provided, the vaginal canal and the anal canal run somewhat parallel to one another….and so does the colon.  What these means my most eager readers is that the vagina is  a viable point of access to both the anal canal and the colon, by way of intra-vaginal pressure.

You begin by inserting a finger or two into the vagina.  Girls doing this to themselves will find that the thumb of their dominant hand works best.

Now normally when you are fingering a girl, your aim is to go upwards towards the belly in order for some deep delicious g-spot stimulation.  You can save that tried and true move for another time, or begin/end with that as you see fit.

Instead, your goal is to provide a deep, strong pressure on the bottom wall of the vaginal canal working your way from the tailbone to the taint.  This trick works best 2-3 hours after the girl has eaten, or if she already feels like she has to “go” but as you feel around in there at different times you may be delightfully surprised to find what feels like anal beads from the other side of the vagina.  By applying this deep pressure you will effectively FORCE POOP to come out, the ultimate surprise or deliberate control technique for those who want the extra edge while deliciously couched within the pussy, and not covered in the poop itself.

As an added bonus, this trick makes the girl unbelievably wet as you agitate the vagina, but it also relieves tension on the urethra, making it easier for the female to pee even when swollen thick from arousal.

This is truly the domination gift that keeps on giving, so enjoy and GO FORTH AND FUCK!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on December 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Anal/Scat Play’s Best Kept Secret”

  1. Indeed so!… although in a tits-up legs up (perhaps tied back position, fisting (or partial fisting – though I have a prediliction for the former) in the manner you describe, using a cupping motion with the middle fingers pulling the ‘beads’ forward, causes the inevitable (and uncontrollable) outward movement.

    Of course if you (and I DO) loosen up the anus first, there is little way she can prevent the ‘happening’. Additionally the upward pressure of my hand creates a secondary bladder pressure that makes for a double header.

    There are of course many variant positions as well as modalities. I hope you get to try as many as possible .

  2. I wish there was a video of what you’re describing. It sounds extremely arousing.

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