Bathhouse Cruising

Im sitting here smoking the last cigarette of my last pack after one hell of a threesome. Today I am officially a fag. Not queer, but a cock hungry dirty fucking fag.

Conrad texted me earlier this evening and asked me if i wanted to go to the Russian bathhouse.  I have ALWAYS wanted to go and I knew I couldnt pass up this opportunity.  I was so horny and the idea of getting all sweaty and hot and cruising a bathhouse old-school-style was just the right thing to satisfy my craving.

We went over late, around 830, me in my little blue negligee and all the eyes were on me.  I gave Conrad a little salt rub down in the aromatherapy steam room and instantly all the jealous eyes of the men in their towels and shorts were on me.  The satin clung to my sweaty body and at times the steam was so thick all I could see were bodies moving, arching their backs in the heat.

One courageous hot young thing asked to borrow some salt…and i decided that this was not to be passed up.  He stood there, in his trunks, arms on his head with his strong arms bent while I took the salt and oil and rubbed it into his sweaty body.  I could feel the abrasive crystals scrapping him and boring into my hands as I was sure to cover ever inch of this new prospect.  Fantasies and old stories from bathhouse veterans ran through my mind as onlookers commented on how thorough of a rub down I was giving him.

Outside of the steam room, I stripped down to just two small hand towels as Conrad covered me in mud andKris, the Polish salt volunteer, and a few random men rubbed my legs and feet.  I began to smear the mud on Kris’s face, as I whispered in his ear asking him what he was doing after this….

After a hose down from a bathhouse staff member, we made our way back to my apartment which luckily is just a few blocks away.  Inside Conrad orders food from veselka as Kris’s eager hands quickly discover that by following my tattoo up my legs that I am still not wearing any panties.  They both begin to claw at my clothing, as i drag them into my silk draped bedroom, onto my platform bed, and into the many pillows.  Off come their pants and my dress and I see the HUGE uncircumcised surprise that Kris had for me.  They are fingering me, grabbing my neck, chocking me and pulling my hair and I have a cock in each hand.  I get on my knees and beg Kris to fuck me from behind as I pull Conrad’s gorgeous tight body, moving his dick into my mouth. Two sets of balls slap me, my chin and my clit as they pile drive me from both ends.  Im choking on his dick and humming from the pleasure Kris is pounding into me.

Then we switch, and Kris’s huge Polish sausage slides past my tonsils, and I gag and choke, dripping frothy white saliva down all over his balls, and drip onto my bed.  Conrad slaps my cunt, my ass, and licks all my holes as his gets himself ready to pump me.  And he enters me hard, right to the hilt.  We go on like this for hours, Kris cumming on my chest and rubbing the salty sweet elixir on my tits and twisting it into my nipples.

We move into the living room and I sit with my back against Kris’s chest, as he pins me down with a strong arm across my throat, my arms behind my back and Conrad fucking my throat and calling me a dirty whore.  Again and again they make me cum, furiously rubbing and jabbing my sore cunt and the back of my throat.

Finally Kris drags me back onto the bed, face down, then doggy style, cowgirl, side saddle, and then missionary as my hot little cunt tightens down around his enormous dick.  With an explosive thrust he cums and we toss ourselves wearily onto the bed, lick the salt off our lips and revel in the beauty of the bathhouse hook up.

This moment, this pure perfect hook up moment is the stuff we came of age during and post-aids have only dreamt of: men lining the walls of steam filled saunas ready to dive in with little more than a sideways glance.  All my jealous imagined nostalgia for the simple days, and wanting to be a fag in the bath have finally come true.  I love New york!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on January 4, 2010.

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  1. Next up: the piers!

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