Mummification Body Bound Altar HANDOUT

At Dom Sub Friends March 5th 9pm


Klawdya Rothschild

Myth of Mummification

-Isis and Osiris  vs Nephthys and Seth

-Seth tricks Osiris, encases him in a chest, throws it into a river

-The chest grows into a tree, which gets used to build a Palace

-Isis retrieves the body and Seth chops it into 14 pieces, scattered throughout Egypt

-She found all pieces, except one: the phallus, thrown into the river and eaten by a fish

– Isis reassembled the pieces, fashioned a phallus out of stone (the first magickal dildo!) and reanimated him (thus turned him into the God of the Underworld) with a magickal incantation—and thus the practice of mummification was born.


1. Preserve 2. Disconnect/Reconnect 3. Charge  4. Meditate/Stew

5. Commune (w/ Gods, spirits, or between the mummy and Priest/Priestess)

6. Breaking the Ego/Surrendering physical for: mental/emotional/spiritual control

7. Overcoming obstacles  8. Exploring non-physical planes 9. Objectification                             10. Purifying/Rebirth

____________________(your idea here)


Iron down the forehead

Water to flush out the “brains”

Opening of the abdomen, and cleansing w/ wine

Rubbing with aromatics, stuffed with spices

Stored for 70 “days” (for ritual seconds)

Washed and bandaged, anointed with oil

Anything wishing to be “kept” is stated, stored.

Anything wishing to be removed is “discarded” [elementally, later]

Four Sons of Horus (Four Jars)-

Mesti-I am Mesti, thy son, I come so that I may protect thee. I cause thy house to prosper, to be firm, by the command of Ptah, by the command of Re himself.

Hapi- I am Hapi, thy son, I come so that I may protect thee, I bandage for thee thy head and thy limbs, killing for thee thy enemies under thee. I give thee thy head forever.

Duamutef- I am thy son Horus, I come to avenge my father Osiris. I do not permit his destruction to thee. I place it under thy feet for ever and ever.

Qebesenef- I am thy son.. I gather together thy bones, I collect thy limbs, I bring for thee thy heart. I place it upon its seat in thy body. I cause thy house to prosper.

Once Mummified

“Grant thou that breathing may take place in the head of the deceased in the underworld, and that he may see with his eyes, and that he may hear with his two ears; and that he may breathe through his nose; and that he may be able to utter sounds with his mouth; and that he may be able to speak with his tongue in the under world [add your own deceased functions as appropriate!]”

Revealing the Mummy (convening with the God)

Open my eyes                                -4 times

Open my eyes, open thy eyes        -3 times

Open Tat, Open Nap                     -3 times

Open Unto Me                                          -3 times

Not to Let the Spirit Die (an approach to endurance mummification)

-O you who take away and bring days to an end, do not take away my years or bring my days to an end, for I am Horus, Lord of the Netherworld, Monarch of the Western Horizon.  I will not die in the West, and the messengers of Osiris have no power over me, for I am Horus, son of Osiris.  I will not die on On, Kherehaha, or the East, and the messengers of Soped have no power over me, for I am Horus, son of Osiris. I will not die in the South, and the messengers of Horus have no power over me, for I am Horus, Son of Osiris. I will not die in the North and the messengers of the Outcast have no power over me, for I am Horus, son of Osiris, I will not die in the waters, and the messengers of those who are in the waters have no power over me, for I am Horus, son of Osiris.

-I will not die in the abyss, and the messengers of those who are in the Abyss have no power over me, for I am Horus, son of Osiris.

-I will not die a second time, and the dwellers in the Netherworld have no power over me. I will not eat their fish, their fowl shall not scream over me, for I am Horus, son of Osiris.

Spell: To Have Dreams/To have Knowledge brought to you in dreams

Wrapped the Mummy in linen, covered in oil and wax

Carve or scribe the words: Armiuth, Larlamchouch, Arsenophrephren, Phtha, Archentechtha.

Remove with revealing the Mummy, and wrap the linen into a lamp-wick, or prepare it to burn in oil. In an evening prepared for ritual (here defined as pure-without food or other “defilement” J), when you are preparing to go to bed, set the “lamp” to fire and repeat this spell 7 times:

Sachmu apaema Ligotereeench: the Aeon, the Thunderer, Thou hast swallowed the snake and dost exhaust the moon, and dost raise up the orb of the sun in his season, Cthetho is thy name; I require, O lords of the gods, Seth, Chreps, give me the information I desire.

Books/Additional Reading

Egyptian Magic- E.A Wallis Budge

Ancient Egyptian Magic- Bob Brier

Maat Magic- Nema

Visual Magick- Jan Fries

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on March 5, 2010.

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