Mummification Pictures-Plaster Gauze

A Follow up to last night’s class Mummification: The Body Bound Altar.

Because of the mix up, the materials I requested were not available so here are photos of plaster gauze being applied to a mummy!  Enjoy.  Please feel free to email/comment w/ questions.

A generous layer of vaseline or thick shampoo should be applied to the skin and especially around the hairline, on top of body hair/eyebrows etc.  The plaster will grab on and rip hairs out otherwise.  The vaseline will also aid in smooth removal of the cast, leaving you with a usable mold to cast from, should you so desire.

I find it helpful to cut the plaster gauze roll into smaller strips about 4-5″ long.  Then I dip the strips into a bowl of lukewarm water. The warmer the water the faster it sets, or hardens to be prepared to act fast!  After dipping the strips, I pull the strips through my fingers to ring out extra water, and smooth out the strip on top of the surface I am applying it to, as even and flat as possible.  To get a solid mold, or block out light many layers will be needed, but I usually do one complete layer before adding on. Once dry, you can add wax, paint or other surface treatments to dress up your mummy.

If you go around a limb you may need to cut off your cast, otherwise, such as the face it should shimmie off with some leverage, thanks to the vaseline.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on March 6, 2010.

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