Review of Vixskin Maverick by Vixen

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There’s really no other way to put this: the Maverick fills you up like no other.  With the Maverick your “cup” runneth over, and according to my girlfriend who chuckled at my choice of gargantuan cock when I pulled it out of my bag for the first time, the look in my eyes as she rammed it to the hilt, was in and of itself eye-gasmic and on its own worth it.

Comes in a variety of flesh tones for the coinoisseur of cocks

The Maverick is available in three lifelike colors: Creme Soda (above), Caramel and Chocolate. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee (providing you don’t use silicone lube)

When I first saw this gigantic fleshy cock on the shelf at Sexploratorium it stood out among the others, but I wondered if I’d even be able to get the thing inside me.  The feature which caught my eye was its large head and well-defined ridge along the glans making this unique piece both alluring for the cock-hungry and daunting to those of us not looking for a quasi-fisting in our strap-on play  However, much to my delight when I squeezed the Charmin, so-to-speak, I was pleased that in addition to the trademark Vixskin realistic texture, it  had a lot of squish/give in volume around its harder less forgiving blood-engorged-simulating-core, much like a bio-cock.  There were even moments while being fucked by the Maverick that I could have sworn it was a flesh and blood penis– the only distinguishing factor was the slight friction increase that came with time as lube decreased (which a bio-cock would naturally re-supply ) With a condom, no difference detectable.

Several of these details, like the realistically articulated contouring and  the feel make the Maverick an illustrative anatomy model which has come in handy for a couple of my workshops like Genitorture and Cocksucking & Deepthroating.

For the wearer, the base is flat and wide and is therefore not as good for delivering focused clitoral stimulation for the wearer, but the slight convex shape would lend itself well to the addition of a bonus toy such as the Lelo Lily for clit  the Jollie Rider for gspot vibration  or even the Natural Contour Ultime or the Rock Chick for clit-gspot power combo!

The convex base also means this cock will suction nicely onto things such as the bathtub or kitchen counter, so if the strap-er gets tired of humping your cock-hungry self they can have the receiver mount it, freeing them up for some well-earned reciprocation!  Yay for dynamic fun!

Anyone who has ever stayed with a guy because their dick was just *too perfect* should take home the Maverick and keep the best part of him without all the bullshit. Move on to greener pastures and better sex—I know I did!

****Best used with harnesses that have reinforcing straps and made of material with little to no stretch because of its weight and size. A large opening or adjustable O-ring model will be needed to accommodate girth.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on April 1, 2010.

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