My Shambari/Neobari Manifesto

I practice and believe very strongly in MESSY IMPERFECT BONDAGE.

I started off aspiring towards the perfect aesthetic form of Japanese bondage but I am committed to the practice of egalitarian and utilitarian bondage- a bondage that everyone can do, that can serve in almost every function and for almost every body.

I take much more of my inspiration from Safety/Rescue harnesses and Climbing/Rappelling with minor aesthetic and technical inspirations from “shibari” and “kinbaku” into my own kind of Shambari/Neobari.

As a result I rarely show, teach or advocate for the more intricate forms of bondage in my own work and pictures. While I love the art form and the artists that do I like my roping fast, dirty and accessible.

Now, this never means sacrificing safety, it does however prefer versatile, dynamic bondage that is as quick to get into as it is quick to get out of. This perspective comes largely from streamlining fast, functional ties for performance and also from teaching wide and varied groups of people about basic bondage skills. When you pare down to the simplest forms and the strongest combinations you have an infinite number of possibilities both for practical applications and aesthetic ones.

Like any other medium, when you restrict the number of forms you can often create more interesting results…my focus is usually how to move and fly in the rope, and no longer in the process of tying the prettiest package, or the most formal accomplishment of the tatake-kote.

Its not better or worse…its just different, its what works for me. And the most important part of WIITWD is finding what works, and doesnt work for you.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on June 18, 2010.

One Response to “My Shambari/Neobari Manifesto”

  1. Thanks, I’m new and trying to learn about Dominate behavior. This blog has been great. Thomas

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