Sacred Sex and Sacred Whoredom- HANDOUT

Sacred Sex and Whoredom Handout

Klawdya Rothschild

This is an introduction to Sex Work for spiritual purposes. Regardless of your paradigm these structures and methods can be applied to your own workings or experiments. Nothing I say here is truth, and all things are permitted.

Why Do Ritual Sex Work?

Magick/Ritual/Divination Five Models: Spirit, Psych., Info., Energy and Meta.

Sex Work– Sex or Sexual behaviors (including speech and flirtation) that is aimed at or

achieves some end other than simply having sex, or sexual gratification.

Sacred Whore– One whose body, spirit and magickal intent are used to serve the

divine, or available to be used by others to serve spiritual and magickal ends.

Different Roles and Approaches for Ritual Sex Work

Guardians: Serving the altar or temple by keeping the space and providing support.

Priests/esses: Adept who draws out and interprets, not necessarily as a host.

Vessel: One who hosts and receives energy and/or a spirit into their body.

Horse: A vessel in command of the Rider, such as to embody the divine or send messages.

Conduit: One transferring energy between persons or places, maybe Priest/ess or Vessel.

Battery/Charger: Energy stored in the body or one charging an object, place or person.

Healer: Someone divines curative info from sexual or to engage in a healing art (incl. sex!)

Godslaves: Those called to serve daily or at the whim of their Patron.

Invocation: Summoning ‘spirits’ directly, to experience them upon or in your person.

Evocation: Summoning for inspiration, interaction, to do your bidding, and/or info.

Goetic or Kabbalistic: Discipline where the magi have power, captures and commands spirits through seals, circles, exorcisms, bindings etc.

Mystical: Disciplines (Buddhism, Judeo/Cristian/Islamic, Summerian…..) that seek communion with the divine through ordeal, asceticism, worship, isolation etc.

Voudon, Greek, Egyptian, Inca: Work where reverence is made by worshippers to the divine through offerings and garners them direct material reward and/or punishment.

Feri, Angel (HGA) and Reclaiming: Practitioners connect to their God-Self to discover, align and traverse their soul’s path or true will.

Extra Reading

Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Francis Barrett, MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley,Franz Bardon, Kenneth Grant, Christopher Hyatt, Francis King and Peter Carroll.

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on July 2, 2010.

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