NEW CLASS!! Sacred Sex: Ritual of Intent

Inspired by Barak of Winter Wickedness I have created a new highly focused class on Sacred Sexuality!

I am teaching this delectable marvel at, you guess it, Winter Wickedness in 2011,  just 1 month from now!!

Here’s the description:

Sacred Sex: Ritual of Intent

Sexuality is a powerful force, it drives us and can inspire us with immense creativity. Learning to direct and channel that force is not only an incredibly useful skill but engages our being with our environment and fellow beings. In this class we will learn the building block to sexual energy working to create an intentional atmosphere of potency among participants, as well as charging a talisman that can be used in future sacred sexual journeys. Come with a clean body and an open mind– this is a group ritual and you may be asked to interact with strangers in an intimate setting. Personal objects for comfort or Ritual/Magickal use are encouraged, however must be declared and explained at the beginning of the class. No late entry, No early departure, all who come must participate.

See you in Ohio!!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on January 3, 2011.

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