Cleaning Latex- How to

Cleaning your latex is important.  The oils in your skin, let alone all the fun fluids it comes into contact decrease the life of your latex. Regularly cleaning your latex can extend the lifespan of your favourite second skin.

Run the water until it’s likewarm, and the sink or tub is just full enough to cover the top of your garment and then let it soak.  Make sure the basin is completely clean before you fill it up.  It is important that the latex never touches cold or hot water, as both extreme temperatures hurt the material.

Prepare another container with the same lukewarm water, and add some mild, unscented and uncolored hand soap or children’s shampoo.

Soak the garment in the lukewarm water, but don’t add the soap yet.  When it is completely saturated, examine the latex and see where the lube covers, or if there are particularly dirty areas.  The latex will stick to itself a lot more when its wet to make sure the water has reached everywhere.

If you have sensitive skin, are a neat freak, or especially if you are cleaning someone else’s rubbers, wear some rubber gloves.  I prefer to wear Nitrile or non-latex gloves so I can tell the difference in texture between my gloves and the latex I am washing.

Carefully apply handfuls of the soapy mixture to the latex and rub it in with your hands.  Smoothing the suds over the latex will help you remove the excess lube and dried fluids.  It will also help you notice where the manufacturer may have left glue deposits for you to remove, or have removed, later. Hand wash the entire garment, and pour the rest of the soapy mixture into the sink to get an all over clean.

Drain the tub and rinse it out, and refill it with lukewarm water.  It’s very important to rinse the latex a few times to make sure you get all of the soap out.  The latex molecules bloat when they absorb the water, so gently knead and rub the latex in the clean water until you’ve thoroughly replaced the soapy water with clean water.

Hang the garment up to dry, making sure to change positions, and turn it inside out a few times so it dries thoroughly and evenly.  The latex bloat goes away as gravity pulls out all the water.

Once completely dry, use your preferred method of talc or lube, and store as usual.

You can have all of your latex items cleaned and conditioned to preserve or save your precious garments by me click here: KLAWTEX: for Purple Passion

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on May 12, 2011.

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