Featured Designer: Latex Nemesis

Nemesis is one of the coolest latex designers you’ll ever meet.  She’s fun, cool, lives like a rock star and looks good all the time.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing some of her wares for the first time at Miss Rubber World 2010, she was a contestant and I was a judge.  I have MAD respect for anyone who makes their own, especially if its good 🙂

Latex Nemesis is well known for her expertly crafted hoods.  You can tell a nemesis hood for a few reasons:

It fits well, smoothly and the seams are even and flat;

The detailing around the eyes and mouth  is her trademark, making a sleek and sexy point. Some hood even have dramatic cat eyes that extend the full side of the hood.

However she also has a connoisseur’s understanding of the importance of options for your hair with hoods.

The Latex Nemesis hood to the left comes with attached ponytails, to complete the fetish Doll look.  She has a few varieties, long straight ponytails, dreadlocks etc. and in any color. Who says anonymity has to be bland, right?  The beauty of latex is its ability to completely craft a fantasy from scratch, and this is definitely a full fetish makeover!

As if that weren’t enough, Nemesis also makes a variety of hoods that allow you to pull your own hair through, as with the hood pictured on the right. this hood has open spaces, similar to the eye and mouth holes, that allow full ponytails, extensions and even some creative supplements (think devil horns, cat ears etc). Another type of pull-trough hood that Nemesis offers has a shaped tube that can add height and discipline to your perfect coif, in either a single ponytails or even pigtails to come to life.

Those hoods are gorgeous and functional, but what about the role play fantasy you ask?  She has an excellent selection of custom designed hoods that are the icing on the fantasy cake.  Take this Sissy Maid hood for example.  Who says that a Sissy’s ruffles should only be on hir panties?  Nemesis certainly doesn’t think so, and neither do I.

Better yet, order it as a custom order without a mouth, or EVEN better yet a zipper mouth, for diligent service when you want it, and a fuckable mouth when you’d rather that!

So, it’s fairly obvious to see that I LOVE Latex Nemesis, and especially her hoods.  But just in case you were beginning to think that Nemesis was just a One Trick Pony, think again, she offers a full range of latex clothes, and even does fun specialty items like the Vacuum Cube. If you have never tried a vacuum latex toy, like a Vac Bed or a Vac Cube, you really have no idea what you are missing.  And who is that sexy lady in the picture you ask?  Why that is the incredible Latex Nemesis herself, hair, outfit and cube all matching in her signature colors.

Gotta give the girl props for havin it goin on.

Several Latex Nemesis hoods are available NOW at Purple Passion, come see one for yourself!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on May 14, 2011.

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