Latex Clothing Making CLASS!

Adding an Inch (KLAWTEX)

I am teaching my very popular Latex Clothing Making class at Purple Passion on Sept 22, from 7-9 pm. Space is limited to

10 people because of its intensive hands-on nature, and many spaces have already been reserved.  Cost of the class

includes the cost of materials to go home with your own new clothing items! Click the link below for the official class

description and to prepay online!

This class is great because its a chance for latex enthusiasts to learn

the delicate art of making their favourite clothing and use this opportunity to craft an item custom built for them, with that perfect fit!

In this class I will cover some techniques:


-Following and customizing a latex pattern

-Cutting and knife skills

– And insider tips that come from being in the latex biz for almost a decade!

Mask Pattern (KLAWTEX)

Everyone who comes to the class will have the opportunity to make one of three latex clothing items to take home with

them and enjoy:

-A thong



each one of these basic patterns presents a different set of challenges and builds upon the different skill areas we will be covering. The thong, with its curving lines requires a more skilled hand with the patterning, and often required some adjustment for size and proportion. The shorts with its long straight seams requires careful gluing to avoid air bubbles and uneven seams. The mask with its eye placement and narrow cuts requires a skilled knife to prevent jagged edges that could later tear your garment.

Many different colors and thicknesses will be discussed and available!

Hope to see you there!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on August 18, 2011.

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