Rubber Life by 3xL: book review

One thing is for certain about latex, once you get converted you definitely want to spread the good word. And why wouldn’t you? That way not only do you get to enjoy wearing it but you get to see others all dolled up in your favourite duds.

Spreading the latex gospel is exactly what 3XL does in his inspired book “Rubber Life” out this year (2011). The book is filled with many personal accounts, some incredible latex imagery (personal favourites are page 35 and page 77), and even provides thorough info on where to buy, how to measure for custom latex, latex care, inside looks into some of the best international fetish parties, cultivating an online presence, and of course the book’s main focus—how to find others with a love of latex.

There are many tips and tricks that even a consummate latex wearer may find helpful such as measuring instructions on 36-37, dressing tips including how to shave on 47, cleaning and storage on 52, how to discuss your fetish with current and prospective partners on 59-60, not to be creepy!  72, and honesty in your presentation 82-83

The book has an interesting approach, beginning with accepting yourself and coming out as a fetishist, that ensures it will dwell next to important lifestyle books such as “When Someone you love is Kinky” “SM101” and “Opening Up.” “Rubber Life” is peppered with images of his own journey to finding latex happiness and a gorgeous latex enthusiast wife. This peer-to-peer approach encourages you to understand your own kink and/or to accept the kinks of others you may not personally enjoy— and does so in a charming down-to-earth manner, while discussing many what about latex makes it so aesthetically and sensuously pleasing.  To 3XL’s credit, this is done without feeling clinical or oversimplified, but rather feels like a chat with a new friend about sexy likes and dislikes.  The palpable excitement the author is compelling and thus has the power to be very contagious J

While, like me, you may be confused by the separation of latex fetish from the umbrella of BDSM and the tread-lightly approach to non-latex SM (especially in cautioning those exploring SM from the submissive side), and you may also o_0 at the gender-specific advice in the Photo Tips section on 84, however I believe the author elegantly makes no secret that he speaking from his own experience, and while that experience- an into-women, male, latex fetishist, may not be your own perspective, it’s such a warm, honest, and inviting voice that any reader can identify with the message: get your tight, shiny, pervy kink on!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on November 2, 2011.

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