Bound in Boston

Leather Retreat

Curator: (selected)

2008 | Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival| Exhibit, Performance| Baltimore, MD
2008 | Beyond the Compass, Beyond the Square| Exhibition| Baltimore, MD
2008 | Art Non-Stop| Exhibit, Performance, Concert | Baltimore, MD
2007 | Incidents in Color| Exhibit | Baltimore, MD
2007 | Everybody Loves the Tinklers| Exhibit, Screening| Baltimore, MD


Respect- Fetish Ball: Pittsburgh (2002)
Debut-Taunt Burlesque: Pittsburgh (2003)
SMB VII: Wash DC (2003)
Therapy: San Diego (2003)
Cadaverous Cabaret: Pittsburgh (2004)
Peru Resh: Pittsburgh (2004)
Everyday is Halloween: Pittsburgh (2004)
Baccanalia: Pittsburgh (2004)
Stig-Martyr-Domme 1 & 2: Pittsburgh (2004 and 2005)
Dark Odyssey Winter Fire: Wash DC (2006)
Valentine’s Burlesque (the property project): Wash DC (2006)
Mardi-Gras Carnival: DC (2006) Clown Burlesque (w/ Hel-Inferna)
Slyx Fashions Fashion Show: Wash DC (2006)
Stig-Martyr-Domme 3: Wash DC (2006)
What IS Fetish 2.5: Knoxville (2006)
PleroMadroMadhatu: Pittsburgh (2006)  and Film
SMB-X: Wash DC (2006)
Neon Lounge: Wash DC (2006)
Fetish Wedding: Wash DC (2006) and Handfasting

BOUND New Years Eve Washington DC (2007/2008)

Experiment Haywire: Wash DC (2008)

Diabolique Ball: Philadelphia (2008)

Xanadu (Las Vegas, Upcoming 2010)


Dr. K
Russ Waspe (
James Radcliff- Dead Celebrity Productions
Bob Kemery/ North Coast Photography
Kevin Hundsnurscher (
Perfection City
Kyle Cassidy
Philip Forrest
Larry Bradby
Charles Jay Pilzer  (RIP)
Valerie Place
Lee Harrington
Barbara Nitke
Omega Maverick
John Allen Gibel


Altered Tyme Corsets (
Slyx Fashions- Latex ( also guest Designer
The Eye Boutique- vintage jewelry and fashions
Atomic Rose- Vintage Couture


Buck the System (PA)

Vampire Lounge (NYC)

Law and Order Criminal Intent


Infernal Restraints

Master Costello

Black N Da Hat


National Geographic: Your Body Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Rope Bondage and Power, Edited by Lee Harrington

“Thee Synchronetic Tarot”  The Property Project

Aeon ElectronMagazine

Deek Magazine

“Fade to Black” book by Robert Kemery, Beacon Press


Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh Pulp, Knoxville Metro Pulse, Baltimore City Paper, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Tribune-Review


Is It In Yet? (PA)  as a BDSM Expert for sex-talk radio

Oh Team Radio- Special Guest

Exhibitions As Artist (selected):

2008 | Contemporary Repetition | LBI Foundation of Arts and Sciences | NJ
2008 | Fiber Fever | JCC Brown Art Gallery | Baltimore, MD
2007 | The Juried Undergraduate Show | MICA | Baltimore, MD
2005 | Eclectic Eccentric| Garfield Artworks | Pittsburgh, PA
2005 | Thee Process ov Initiation [SOLO] | Ash Galleries | Pittsburgh, PA
2005 | Gestalt Animals [SOLO] | Clay Studio | Pittsburgh, PA

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