Latex Classes

In most cases materials are included and class size is limited due to the hands-on intensive nature of the classes.

Beginning Level Classes

Latex Clothing: Repair and Care

  • In this class we will discuss methods for properly caring for your latex clothing and accessories.  The methods taught in this class can save you hundreds of dollars and extend the life of your precious rubber goodies.  This class reached you how to reinforce latex to prevent tearing, or to patch your damaged garment, Cleaning, storage, polishing, as well as traveling and dressing in latex will all be covered in addition to tips on how to restore latex that has been mistreated or is nearing the end of its life. All attendees are welcome to bring their clothing to class with them to bring them back to life!

Latex Clothing: Applique, Ruffles and Bows Oh My!

  • Latex is one of the most versatile materials around and can do many incredible things.  Designers all around the world have fallen in love with such fashion mainstays as the ruffle and the bow, and many latex enthusiasts have discovered the customizability that a unique design can add to your favorite latex pieces.  In this class we will make bows  and ruffles that can be added to existing garments or worn separately, and make our own appliqué designs for fun or as a repair.  Temporary applications, repair as well as customizing existing basics will all be covered.

Latex Clothing: Zippers and Fasteners

  • Zippers make latex both fun and functional, and they are one of the best ways to add a closure to a latex garment. Since any puncture in latex creates a weak spot, we will explore a few different closures from 2-piece buckles to zippers, how to prepare them for latex application and how to add them to your new latex  pattern or existing clothing.  This class covers where to buy the best zippers and fasteners for latex, as well as methods for use.

Latex Clothing: Booty Short Boot Camp

  • In this class we will focus on one basic latex staple: the booty short. With designs and modifications for all bodies we will each draft, pattern and create a pair of short shorts for our latex wardrobes.

Latex Clothing: Basic Accessories

  • A fantastic fetish outfit is all about the details, and latex knows how to add that edge to any ensemble. This class will cover fetish fashion must haves like pasties, gauntlets and masks that will turn many heads and finish off your look the way that only custom creations can.

Recycled Rubber: Wallets and Clutches

  • Recycled materials have gotten a lot of attention lately in the media as well as in high fashion.  Taking existing materials and perverting them is what this class is all about.  Using recycled heavy rubber from a variety of sources we will make a wallet or small clutch handbag that you can use in your everyday life or out to a party. Fun and functional and Ecosexual.

Latex Clothing: Making (Shorts, Thong, or Mask)

  • Latex is so nice, but often very expensive and so fragile! Using a basic pattern everyone will construct a small garment from scratch that will show you how to make your own fun latex clothing. Class includes materials, and everyone will leave with either a thong or a pair of shorts ready to wear as soon as the glue sets! In addition to latex clothing making tips and techniques, this class will also cover minor alterations to patterns to get a better fit, storage and care. Whether a confirmed latex enthusiast or simply latex curious this class will make your latex dreams into latex realities.

 Intermediate Classes

Latex Clothing: Patterning for a Better Fit

  • The most important skill for any clothing maker is being able to get the perfect fit for the look you are creating, and no material requires perfect quite like latex.  If you have ever wished that your latex could just hug you a bit tighter, be a bit longer, or if you have ever worn a garment that fit you so perfectly that you thought to yourself- I wish I had this in latex!  Then this class is for you.  Bring in your favorite spandex, lycra, underwear, athletic wear or swimwear and make a pattern for the latex garment of your dreams! Alternatively, choose from one of my easy to create patterns and customize it to emphasize your best assets 🙂

Latex Clothing: Mini-Skirts

  • In this class we will focus on this one fashion staple: the mini skirt. With designs and modifications for all bodies we will each draft, pattern and create a skirt for our latex wardrobes. Following a simple pattern we will look into methods to create the best fit, high or low waisted, extra curve for the booty pop, and zippers for ease of use.

Latex Clothing: Cod pieces and Men’s underwear

  • Showing off the goods is one of the things latex is good at, so why smash the boys down? Sure a smooth front is a great look sometimes but what about looks that add prominence to the package?  This class tackles the difficult art of patterning for the perfect package, a nice rubbery bulge for a removable cod piece, a jock strap or just a basic boxer brief.  If you got it, flaunt it, and if you don’t then add shape with latex! All bodies welcome.

Recycled Rubber: Cuffs

  • Recycled rubber provides many benefits- in addition to being ecofriendly, cheap and crafts it also is very strong!  In this class we will convert recycled rubber material from a variety of sources into cuffs to be used as armbands or wrist cuffs.  This class will go over basic grommeting and snaps, heavy duty velcro, and designs for your very own heavy rubber cuffs.

Recycled Rubber: Restraints and Collars

  • Recycled rubber has thickness and strength as well as flexibility which make it great for rubber bondage.  using recycled rubber from a variety of sources we will make either a collar or a cuff for ankle or wrist with O-rings, D-rings and lockable buckles.  This class is include a brief intro to bondage hardware as well as basic grommeting and snaps and heavy duty velcro.

Advanced Classes 

Latex Clothing: Bra Boot Camp

  • Nothing is worse than an ill-fitting bra, or a latex outfit that smashes down the girls. This class will cover measuring for your actual bra size and designing the perfect bra for you, that can lift, separate, be-rubber, and have adjustable straps too! Three different cup styles will be discusses as well as a brief introduction to underwire, different closures, and hardware for latex bras.

Latex Clothing: Pattern Making Part 1

  • You’ve made it this far and you are ready to design your own latex garment from scratch. How do you get the ideas in your head out onto paper and then translated into the latex of your dreams?  In this class we will go over pattern making essentials for latex, drafting techniques, tools of the trade, and we will each create our own meticulous pattern for a new thoroughly unique latex clothing design.
  • Part 2: In part two of this class, we will make the design we created come into fruition!  Seeing a design become a pattern and seeing the pattern become latex with the preparation to acquire the necessary materials and the time to iron out the kinks.

Recycled Rubber: Harnesses

  • Thanks to the strength and stretch of recycled rubber it makes a perfect material for a body harness.  In this class we will look at a few of the more popular styles of harnesses for all different bodies and create a harness customized to fit.  This class will cover hardware and closures for bondage harnesses, including chest, body and strap-on.


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